Why and How Storyboarding Makes Your Website A Better Sales Tool

Storyboard = planning the content for each page and sub-page of your website, based on information your customers want, and what you want them to do on the site. As website copywriters, we have many clients in Toronto and Melbourne that tell us that they are redesigning their website but have decided to just 'tweak' their content. This is not a good idea. Planning is essential. Getting to the root of ...

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Is there a “gap” between what your website says you do, and what you actually do?

How well does your website content promote your company? 79% of people who want your service, are using the Internet to judge you. If you’re acutely aware that the flaws in your website are worse than a divet-filled golf green, it’s time to think about redeveloping your website design—and your website content. To minimize the “gap”, consider an internal team-meeting, or an external professional consulting service to help ...

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