7 Content Strategies to Turn Visitors into Customers

As a website copywriting and content strategist, clients are always asking us how content can turn visitors into customers. Using copywriting techniques, here are 7 content strategies to try:

  1. Call to action – you’ve heard of it, but are you using it effectively?
  2. Offer – pilot test, what can you do, are you an expert?
  3. Incentive – NOW. Why should I act now (before I forget about you?)
  4. Overview of the problem you solve – succinct
  5. Reasons why people buy you? Target Market – what’s important to them?
  6. Proof – evidence and testimonials of the people you
  7. Transfer your conviction of your product to the customer in all writing materials via tone, diction, colourful language, persuasive techniques.

So does your website turn visitors into customers? Don’t make it so easy to click away from your business website and onto your competitors.