“They articulated our services that spoke to the needs of our clients”

“Tangible Words helped us to present our geophysical services in a way that our clients could appreciate and understand. After attempting to write the content ourselves, we hired Tangible Words to write the copy for our new website so that the content was clear, concise and provided value to our clients. Our previous website contained way too much text- it was repetitive, overly technical and did not do a great job of highlighting our expertise. Alysha and her team were able to articulate our services in language that spoke to the needs of each of our client industry groups, turning our website into the key communication tool it was meant to be. Our clients are located globally, so our website is often the first point of contact with (potential) clients. Having a professional website that helps clients to understand what we do and allows them to find the information they’re looking for is extremely important to us- Tangible Words completed this task with ease.

We really enjoyed working with Tangible Words. Alysha was amazing to work with because she really took the time to understand our business and what we wanted to accomplish with our new website. Her approach to copywriting turned the daunting task of collecting and filtering technical information into a very enjoyable experience. She did an excellent job of managing her own team as well as ours so that the project stayed on track and was completed on time. We had some tight deadlines because of our required launch date, but Tangible Words was ready and willing to work within our timeframe in order to get the job done. Alysha constantly made recommendations pertaining to our content, but she was always willing to refine messages until we were happy with the results. The whole copywriting process was enjoyable and every consideration was made to ensure that the copy met our needs and truly reflected our service offering. Alysha was such a pleasure to work with- she was able to provide customer insight from both a copywriting and marketing perspective. Her exceptional copywriting abilities added flare to our otherwise technical content, which is exactly what we were looking for. Overall, Tangible Words did a fantastic job on our website and we would not hesitate to recommend Alysha and her team.” Cheryl Goreski, Marketing Manager,Quantec GeoscienceCase Story