Are you proud of your business website

50% of business networkers come home with your business card and look at your website.
You can imagine what it’s like. You might want to know more, or you could be looking for something to write in your “follow up” email. Either way, you’re likely to start getting to know another business by looking at their business website.
Effectively, your business website is the face of your business when you’re not around.

If you’re taking the time to make up your appearance everyday, it doesn’t make sense to be ashamed of your website.

Your website should treat every visitor like your best customer.

So the question is, what features of your website are working? Are there are parts of your website you’d like to change? Did you spend money on a graphic artist and a web developer and quickly ‘throw up’ the content yourself?
There’s an important difference between the terms “content” and “copy”. Sure, as the business owner, you supply the content of your business–you know your business best. Website copy is a refined, reader-friendly version of your business content. So you can express yourself to your best customer on every visit–with pride.