Business Blog Series: ‘Must Have’ WordPress Plugins

Business Blog Series: ‘Must Have’ WordPress Plugins

Business blogging is essential for any business using online for marketing. AKA if you have a website, you may want to think about adding a blog to provide advice, knowledge, tips etc. to build rapport and trust to your online clientele.

In our previous Business Blog Series articles we have discussed:

Now let’s take a look at what WordPress Plugins are essential for your Business Blog

1) All in One SEO plugin – this should be your #1 download. Without this, Google and other Search Engines won’t be able to read your blog articles very easily. This plugin is used to add in your keywords, description, and title. Think about what your clients would type into a search engine to find you. Use these in this plugin.

All-in-One-SEO-Wordpress-Plugin1 Business Blog Series: 'Must Have' WordPress Plugins

2) Google Sitemap – All search engines need you to send through your SiteMap for your website or Blog.  By adding this plugin, this is done automatically and it updates your site. Without this plugin, Google will have a difficult time ‘spidering’ your blog which means you might not appear.

3) Google Analytics for WordPress – with all the effort you will put into your business blog, wouldn’t it be nice to analyze it once in a while to see what posts were most popular, where your readers are coming from, and what strategy to implement next. This plugin will gather data for you.

4) Contact Form – in online content marketing and website copywriting we always discuss the importance of a ‘Call to Action’. If your business blog is separate to your website, make sure to add a Contact Form so you make it easy for people to get in touch with you.

5) AddThis Social Bookmarking – help people share your blog articles through Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Addthis-Social-Plugin1 Business Blog Series: 'Must Have' WordPress Plugins

6) WP Polls – this is a great way to have your audience interact with you. You can add Polls to the side of your blog (in a widget) or you can embed into the content of your blog article. Make sure to keep it relevant to the blog article you are writing and think about how the information will help your business and be interesting for people to respond to.

Of course there are so many more plugins that are worth taking a look at, but if you start with these, you are well on your way! Next week, let’s discuss how to publish posts on your business blog.

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Danial WilsonPosted on  12:19 am - Sep 8, 2017

It’s informative. Thank you for sharing.
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