Business blogging: where to find content ideas

If you’ve been to our business blogging workshop, you know that we help businesses create content plans. After all, the #1 reason why your business blog will fail is because you run out of things to say.
As a continuation of how else you can build your business blogging content plan, I thought I’d share this Social Media Today article by Joy Fleming which offers “6 Easy ways To Find Compelling Content For Your Blog.
Keep in mind the article is directed at blogging hobbyists moreso than blogging businesses. But some of the ideas are still relevant.

The Top 3 business blogging content tips I particularly approve of in the article are:

  1. Google Alerts — these are useful for businesses who need to stay on top of industry trends and news.
  2. E-zine Articles — come to one of our Ontario workshops or ask to attend an online webinar and you’ll know why I’m a major fan of these guys.
  3. Seeking Experts In Your Industry — this doesn’t just apply your industry either. I often seek out experts in vertical industries like sales (“How To Make Your Prospects Believe You When They Don’t”) and social media marketers (“32 ways To Improve Your Social Media“).

How else do you stay inspired to keep your business blog running?