Business Website: WordPress VCita Plug-In Review

WordPress has become a favourite CMS (Content Management System) for most business websites. We have spent time discussing the WordPress platform including favourite plug-ins.
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The beauty of WordPress is that it allows for business owners to write frequent, unique content. However, don’t forget when writing your own website content to use copywriting principles like headlines, WII.FM, and a Call to Action.
So let’s take a look at a Plug-In that provides your reader’s with a number of options to get in touch with you from your website.

VCita Plug-In Review:

Call to Action WordPress Plug-in
Call to Action WordPress Plug-in

Here are 3 options your readers can take to contact you through vCita.

1. Phone Call Option: Your readers ask to speak to you and let you know times they are available.
2. Response to an Offer: Have your readers order an item directly off your site (Example: Order a Website Audit).
3. The ‘Let’s Talk’ Bubble pops up once a reader has been on your site for a particular amount of time (You choose the Time). This prompts them to take action and fill the form out and ask the questions they are having.
An Excellent WordPress plug-in for your business website.