Can An Expert Writing Coach Enhance Your Team?

expert writing coach

If you’re a writer, communications director or marketing manager, then listen up! After a free trial was given to loyal readers for the month of June, we asked participants how they benefited from having a marketing and sales expert writing coach at their beck and call:

  1. “Provided invaluable ideas of how to focus on target audiences.”
  2. “Helped organized materials suitable to online readers.”
  3. “Cleared up messages to be client focused.”
  4. “As a result of project management software provided, I plowed through a long list of ‘to-do’s’.”

Thanks to Tangible Words for your wisdom and helping us increase the value of our content with this content coaching program! What seems clear to us may not come across clearly to others, and every business needs the message to be right.  Thanks for all your valuable help.” – Darcelle Runciman – Infinity Spirit 

Interested in learning how you can benefit from an unlimited writing coach by your side?

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