Testimonials & Client Feedback

“Area9 Learning is extremely pleased with the inbound marketing results…”

“Area9 Learning is extremely pleased with the first month's inbound marketing results obtained from hiring Tangible Words, an inbound marketing growth agency and Hubspot partner. Our goal was to increase website traffic, get more traffic on social media, and obtain better leads. Tangible Words has already delivered this and more in just the first month. With a 29% increase in website traffic and a 230% increase in social media traffic, we are obtaining more qualified leads each day. Social media and website engagement has also increased. We are so pleased with the results and are very excited about continued improvements


“The leadership and expertise made creating a sales tool website easy…”

"Tangible Words worked with us to create the digital strategy for our sales tool website from refining and simplifying our audiences to better focus our messaging. Initially, the Tangible Words team facilitated a strategic process to help us collate our many ideas and then filter and structure those ideas to aim them at our most profitable customers. Tangible Words also set up our website with a built-in CRM that helps us better track deals which stem from the site, as well as an online ordering system and the ability to track permission-based users on our site. The company exceeded our


“The digital strategy and content creation services they provided…”

"We are extremely happy with the strategic communications services Tangible Words provides. Their services are 100% professional: timely, proficient and delivered in accordance with each project’s budget. A snapshot of the digital strategy and content creation services they have provided include: plan, create, manage, liaise, curate, research, copywrite, train, and develop the strategic messages in accordance with the Quinte Economic Development Commission’s (QEDC) 2014 – 2019 Target Market Study and Strategic Plan, as well as the 2017 QEDC Plan. Tangible Words has also been able to provide much-needed digital strategic communications training to senior management, stakeholders and key individuals in


“Tangible Words helped us develop our value proposition, buyer’s journey..”

"Tangible Words was exactly what we needed to increase the capacity of our organization to reach our intended audience and to help us fashion our new website. I’m so appreciative of the professional expertise and insight Tangible Words brought to this project. From helping us extract ourselves from a difficult website hosting relationship, to setting out the architecture of the new website and helping us understand who we needed to target (and how to write for them in a way that is easy for a person outside our organization to understand) Alysha and her team did an excellent job. Tangible Words helped us further develop


Winner of an Economic Development Marketing Canada Award! 

Our client, Prescott and Russell Economic Development and Tourism (PREDT) (department of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, UCPR) has been deemed the 'best of the best' marketing material from across Canada and has received the Sustainability Award at EDAC 2016 (Economic Development Association Canada) Marketing Canada awards on October 25th, 2016 in Saskatchewan. When we partnered with PREDT, they had already implemented 40-50% of their strategic plan. They had amazing ideas and an incredible track record. Tangible Words helped them bring some of their ideas in front of the right audience with the right presentation so it would get more attention. And


“Tangible Words brought our senior management team together…”

"Tangible Words brought our senior management team together and facilitated a strategic communication and marketing session. Alysha identified gaps and her team is now implementing vital communication to complement our in-house work to bring our objectives to fruition. We rely on Tangible Words for strategic content advice and expertise - to intelligently integrate with our team - and to fulfil our need for marketing coordination and planning. - Mauro Scanga, President, & Ron Vermey, VP Sales, Deep Foundations

“Tangible Words created the website content, and development…”

"Tangible Words was already supporting our parent organisation and made our new project a priority. Always conscientious of our budget lines and deadlines, Tangible Words advised on the website's and social media content strategy; created the website content; and also designed and developed the website. Along the way we had to make strategic business decisions -- Alysha's expertise was an asset so our project could launch quickly and avoid delays. A significant value add to the project was the CMS training support and recommendation of complementary business applications."   - Thomas McAuley-Biasi, Chair, Emerging Leaders for Biodiversity

“ECO Communications Team Attends Writing for the Web Training session”

"We hired Tangible Words to bring our communications team together for a Writing for the Web training session. Our team left the group feeling exhilarated and empowered with new knowledge for how to make our messages more engaging. The session was 100% customised to our priorities and was an excellent addition to our team's skill sets." - Ellen Schwartzel, Deputy Commissioner, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario  

“The Level of Support Tangible Words Surpasses Other Companies…”

"The level of support Tangible Words offers is excellent, and surpasses other companies I have worked with in the past." - Jessica Ferguson, Coordinator, Biodiversity Education and Awareness Network (BEAN)

“While Tangible Words was working on redeveloping our website content”

“While Tangible Words was working on redeveloping our website content, in-house we were developing the messaging for a new tradeshow banner.  We got Tangible Words on the phone to see if they could contribute to our brainstorming, and suggest more interesting phrasing. Tangible Words already knew our business well from the Communications Plan and Content Strategy; so our ensuing conversation Alysha was incredibly helpful and really unlocked our writers' block. First, Alysha started by asking which of our audiences we were looking to target with this piece. She then brought focus on our unique selling propositions and helped us drill down to come up with the right messages so


” I appreciate you completing my website copywriting project.”

"Tangible Words has been very helpful in being part of my Business Vision Team. Alysha, I appreciate you completing my website copywriting project, in spite of going through the last stages of pregnancy, childbirth, taking care of a newborn and the rest of your family. Remarkable is a word that does not fully describe what you can accomplish. So thank you for your professional interest and support for Elizabeth Hesp Fine Art. Much appreciated!" Elizabeth Hesp Fine Art

“Tangible Words gave me an outsider view on my Website Homepage.”

"Tangible Words gave me a good look from an outsider who knows nothing about what I do. That was really important to me. I use a certain language to explain what I do and that is not always the best way to explain things especially on our website. Thank you Tangible Words for your Homepage Website Copywriting." Danella Hesler, Mitzvah Technique

“A Communications Plan helped identify messages and target audiences.”

“Tangible Words created a Communications Plan for EOCFDC, facilitating a process our team needed to go through in redeveloping our website. Throughout the process, the discussions have led to some really good staff brainstorming and insights, which we don’t often take time for. The external perspective and direction from Tangible Words was a real value add. The report represented a significant amount of work, and provided detailed analysis of existing sites. The learnings from that research helped to identify our key messages and target audiences—as well as how to better organize and present those messages for each target sector. The Competitor Analysis in the Communications Plan was also very interesting.


“Tangible Words developed a Communications Plan and Content Strategy”

"Ever since I attended a Tangible Words workshop, I've been impressed—and relieved—to have found an organisation who really understands our needs; from offering workshop accessibility options to using a process that really allows Tangible Words to have a solid sense of who we are as a company. Our biggest problem was trying to improve our website to increase sales. Tangible Words’ SEO consultations about our blog work was vital - we learned all the things we were missing out on and how to really turn the blog into a user-friendly sales tool. We had been doing a good job of creating


“We wanted an external assessment on the words we use to communicate”

“The Communications Plan and Content Strategy for Conservation Ontario by Tangible Words was very helpful and cost effective. The final report gave us much more than the price reflects: it was a lot more detailed than we expected and it triggered a lot of reflection on our part. Given the amount of thinking alone that went into preparing this document, I would have expected to have been charged quite a bit more than we actually were. Like most organizations, we already have a web developer who consults with us about branding. But we wanted an external assessment on the words


“I have saved thousands of dollars by working with Tangible Words”

"Tangible words has demonstrated their ability to improve my Australian business, by delivering a service that ‘Hits the Mark’ with our target market.  Alysha demonstrates a very talented ability to find the unique points of difference that I can’t see in my own product and service and  deliver  ‘a message’ in such a way that it creates a compelling reason why customers need to buy into my business. Tangible Words helped me save thousands of dollars by planning and mapping out exactly the what, where and why of my product and services, to better define my target market needs' and create customer messages that will


“They developed the Content Strategy for my Company Facebook Page…”

"Tangible Words helped me develop the Content Strategy for my Company Facebook Page. I received a meaningful, sustainable method that will help me start delivering content my target audiences want to read (and which  has increased impact with my clients) - instead of just re-posting content by default without an objective-focused strategy. It was a joy to do the session and get the direction and help I needed. The Tangy Words crew is very approachable and I’ll continue to seek out their advice. " - Joanne Harrington, Searchlight NeuroPositive Life Coaching 

“I recommend Tangible Words those that need help with content…”

"Tangible Words provided expertise that allowed us to create a road map and kept us focused on timelines so that we actually accomplished our goals. Alysha is very motivated and kept the project momentum going through difficult times.  She is amazing at bringing a team together and driving towards the milestones. Yes, I would confidently recommend Tangible Words to others who need assistance with copy, project management or an external mentor/teambuilder." - Tammy Sager, CMC Microsystems

“Tangible Words listened to us and made great copywriting choices.”

"It was very apparent Tangible Words listened to what we were looking for by the copywriting choices they made. After the 1st draft review, Dan and I both felt Tangible Words had a great understanding of his business and trust Tangible Words to make the right decisions. Well done and appreciated." Kimberley Day, Sonshine Hot Tub Services in Ottawa

Website Written by a Website Copywriting Company – What’s the ROI?

If you consider yourself something of a writer, you know there’s a difference between “grammar” and “style.” The writing style that should be used in your company website content and business blog is radically different from any style of writing you will have practised before, unless you’re a professional trained copywriter  (which is rare, given the low number of copywriting courses available. Writing for your online audience requires an in-depth understanding of how people read and interact with content online. You must be able to wield a style of writing that juggles: SEO-focussed content Non-academic writing techniques Copywriting knowledge of how people read Graphic Text for online