Testimonials & Client Feedback

“Tangible Words conceptualized how to foster trust with my audience.”

"My website’s homepage copy has to drive traffic to my online store. I struggled to build trust with website visitors on my homepage, and give them all the information they needed to trust my product. Tangible Words conceptualised what points needed to be there to foster online trust with my audience and SEO copy wrote the content I needed better than I could do on my own, saving me time, patience, and a headache." -Alexis Reid, Founder, Eco Chic Movement

“Tangible Words determined SEO website content needed to help us…”

"Tangible Words’ after-sales support is exceptional. Creating a new website for our customers that met modern expectations was a big job. Tangible Words led us through the process - they really got to know our company, and then conceptualised what our website should offer our clients. Next they determined the architecture of the content to help us with SEO and long-term user-friendly navigation. Tangible Words also recommended a Content Management System (WordPress) that gave us more control over our content, and a web developer we could work with. Finally, Tangible Words’ copywriters wrote the website content in accordance with how


“Knowing which strategic content marketing tasks to tackle…”

"Knowing which strategic content marketing tasks to tackle in sequence is critical for the Ontario East Economic Development Commission (OEEDC) . Tangible Words created a Communications Plan and Content Strategy to help our Innovative Rural Opportunities Sector Team organize our ideas, consult industry research and better understand how to separate and satisfy the differing needs of our target audiences. Now we’re using Tangible Words’ easy-to-follow Marketing Tools Calendar to forecast our budgets and make sure every marketing message will be aligned with our Communications Plan. Tangible Words even worked to an aggressive timeline we required for funding." -Shelley Hirstwood, Board Member,


“Each business workshop always receives top-rate participant feedback”

"Tangible Words gives Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre clients all the tools they need to succeed for website content development, digital strategy and successful WordPress software use. Each business workshop always receives first-rate participant feedback because of Tangible Words’ use of hands-on, integrated learning techniques, and stylish delivery of informative, engaging content that benefits our shared clients and community." Chuck O'Malley, Corporate Account Manager, Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre.

“They offered strategic communications and content marketing to QEDC”

"Tangible Words services are 100% professional, timely, proficient, and delivered in accordance with each project's budget. Tangible Words offered professional short and long-term strategic communications and content marketing planning to Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) leading to: The launch of a new website; A 36-page external publication for QEDC; Strategic communications training to senior management, stakeholders and key individuals in our organization involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media planning. Liaising with our web developers on behalf of QEDC to articulate, brainstorm, develop and direct resolutions to problems we were having. Whitepaper publications, client interviews, etc. We are


“Tangible Words helped deliver our recent Communications Plan targets”

"Tangible Words led Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) on a project plan and calendar of events that was professional, organized, to-budget, always on-time, and often surpassed our expectations for product delivery. It became clear that we needed to work with Tangible Words to help deliver our recently specified Communications Plan targets. Tangible Words has always used both a short and long-term approach to our communication goals with every deliverable: Evaluation of Original Website Content; Creation and development of Website Communications Plan and Content Strategy; Creation and development of an Information Architecture for content; SEO Website Copywriting for entire website; Staff


“An excellent presenter, Alysha makes content easy to understand…”

“Having had numerous occasions to work with the staff at Tangible Words with workshops, it is always a pleasure and invaluable experience working with them. Alysha Dominico is an excellent presenter, she definitely has a way with words that engages any audience and makes the content easy to understand.” Kasey Pollard, Hastings County

“Tangible Words’ copywriting service helped improve my sales process”

"I was writing my company's brochure and struggling. My clients love our Topcat services, but it's so hard to package all the information cleanly. Tangible Words helped me articulate what we do and organise what we needed to share with prospects.  A huge bonus of Tangible Words' copywriting service was that I received help to improve my sales processes -- including defining my services into appealing packages for my diverse target markets I felt very comfortable talking about my company with Tangible Words, who is approachable, organized and professional. And I am so glad I invested in their help. Now my brochure has a clear message of who we


“Tangible Words’ Website Copywriting &Customer service is top notch!”

"I was daunted by the task of rewriting my website content.  But Tangible Words’ customer service made it easy, and their website copywriting gave me the results I wanted. I'll happily recommend Tangible Words' services to anyone who needs new website words, but doesn't know where to start.  Now I am proud of the messages on my website."" - Patricia Gordon, Your Gourmet Lady, Sunset Gourmet.

“Now we have trained content writers to do any writing we need…”

“Since Tangible Words wrote our website content, our website has become the sales tool it was meant to be. We’re receiving more emails each week because of our SEO website copy so we can do business more efficiently. Plus, now we have trained writers at our command to do any writing we need: from content marketing to technical writing. Tangible Words helps us quickly communicate our technical services in a clear, comprehensible and ‘searchable’ fashion.” Ron Vermey, CEO, Content Partner with Tangible Words, Quantec Geoscience; Case Story.

“Now, we are pleased to announce our proposal was successful – we won!”

 "With a five-day deadline to create a proposal for a prestigious Australian travel Award competition, it was a relief to find Tangible Words online. Alysha called us right away. She helped our team articulate what we were looking for and why our in-house writing didn't suffice. Tangible Words helped us organise our ideas and explain in compelling, detailed paragraphs why our company should win the award. She even fit in a set of edits based on feedback from our team. Now, we are pleased to announce our proposal was successful - we won a place in the final round of


”They’ve been instrumental in helping me write great website content.”

“Tangible Words bridges the chasm between entrepreneurs and their websites by educating with tangy words and sharp marketing tools, that we definitely need, to identify are target audience and be successful in today’s competitive market. Lens Glow Creations is getting an effective website makeover, that I am sure will better engage our clients to navigate the site more effectively and become more educated about the products and services we offer. Our website looks good and traffic at site is picking up. Tangible Words has been instrumental in guiding me to write great website content for my business. Thanks Tangible Words! Your workshops


“Clients have returned for multiple Tangible Words’ workshops…”

“I had the opportunity to work with Tangible Words numerous times over the past 9 months. As Program Coordinator of The Entrepreneurship Centre I have booked Tangible Words to present 10 business workshops on Blogging, Website Content and writing Sales Letters to our clients. Alysha Dominico is an expert in business writing that combined with her past teaching experience and creative delivery methods insure participants learn everything they need to know about the topics being presented. Her presentations are always clear, and immediately actionable. Many of our clients have returned for a second, or third multiple Tangible Words’ workshops –


“We see Tangible Words as a critical link in our communication chain.”

“We engaged Tangible Words to assist us with our written communication, from sales brochures to magazine editorial’s. As a business, our challenge was to provide greater clarity in relation to our written material, pitched in a way that ‘spoke’ to our audience. Tangible Words was able to assist us articulate our message by facilitating a process that was engaging and focussed. Alysha is warm, listens well and truly ‘nails’ the task quickly and easily. We see Tangible Words as a critical link in our communication chain.” Jenny Kimber, National Manager, Ontime Group

“I am grateful that there was so much value in the Website Content Audit.”

“The Website Content Audit Tangible Words offered me was incredibly useful. It was informative and I learned a lot by reading through their website which not only has really good information, but taught me how to improve. I was really impressed with the follow-up customer service after the audit, too. I was given a one-to-one consultation over the phone so I could ask questions about my website content and the Audit Report. Now I know how to apply all of the information in the audit to strengthen my website. The attention to detail and fantastic listening skills allowed me to express


Each piece developed was a masterclass in effective, engaging copy…”

“Tangible Words worked with Certatech to develop professionally written copy for our website redesign.  Combining considerable writing skills with marketing savvy and a warm interpersonal style Tangible Words provided customer-focused service and a professional end product that is second to none.  Each piece of content developed by Tangible Words was a masterclass in effective, engaging copy, cutting through the waffle to keep our site concise, on message and aligned to our business objectives. Tangible Words utilised a range of strategies to make our content really “sticky”, encouraging visitors to stay on our site and explore all of the sections on


“We are finally the company we were always trying to be.”

“I was recommended to use Tangible Words through a friend.  I used Tangible Words to help me create a well written website that would appeal to our target market.  I found the whole process extremely personalised and have come away feeling that when I now read our website, we are finally the company we were always trying to be.  I would highly recommend Tangible Words to anyone who would like to improve their business and bring in more clientele.”  - Alistair Lawson, Director, GOR Surf Tours.

“A 25% increase in webpage views & 50% increase in average time spent”

“One of my challenges has been turning our website traffic into inquiries. Tangible Words took on this challenge and up-dated my home page with text that engaged visitors and make them take a deeper look. After a couple of detailed meetings the text was drafted and we made the changes to the website. The results have been fantastic. We saw an immediate pick up in overall page views of over 25% and a 50% increase in average time spent on the website from 2.0 minutes to 3.0 minutes. Most importantly I have seen an increase in the number of direct inquiries. Thank you


“The work was excellent.”

“Alysha created the copy for Teamwork Accounting website. From interviewing me, to finding out what our business was about, to the final product, her work was excellent.”- Eric De Ravel, Director, Teamwork Accounting

“If I need another brochure written, Tangible Words will be called!”

“I really think Tangible Words did an amazing job with our brochure, and trust me, if I need another brochure written, Tangible Words will be the first company I contact!“ - Silvan Baard, CSB Global.