Testimonials & Client Feedback

“Increased the number of incoming website inquiries by up to 50%.”

“A copywriter generating money for us? Who would have thought! Tangible Words’ approach to help us make our editorial on our website and advertising sound more professional (but also make it more effective) was simply amazing. Tangible Words took time to listen to us to find out who we are, what type of service we provide and what our benefits are, who our clients are and what they value, what we stand for and which prospects we need to target. Their proposal convinced us to use their services immediately as it was tailored to our needs and set clear targets like the increase of traffic


“Transformed my loosely defined concepts…”

“Alysha Dominico had the ability to transform my loosely defined concepts about how I wanted my business to develop and perform into concrete language (and processes) that perfectly matched my intuitive and professional aspirations.”  -Wendy Brokenshire Social Worker and Family Clinician.

“Tangible Words took the time to understand my business…”

“I really enjoyed working with Tangible Words to express the passion of my business through written word. Tangible Words took the time to understand my business in detail and find the best way to communicate that to our prospective customers. Alysha was more than willing to make adjustments and refine the message until I was happy. It was a pleasure working with her and would thoroughly recommend their skills to anyone.” Michelle Gilmore, Health Angels

“They helped remove clutter while still capturing the feel & message”

“Tangible Words were a key factor in helping us develop our new website, their service is professional and they worked closely with us to ensure the wording on our site was clear concise and easy to understand. The team at Tangible Words were easy to work with and helped us remove the clutter from our drafts while still capturing the feel and message we wanted to get to our customer base.” Liz Bennison, Pro Image Plaster

“Our Website is on Page 1 on Google…”

“Thanks for looking after me. Our Website is on Page 1 on Google for Debt Collection Victoria. I have been getting enquiries from there, so that is really great. Thanks heaps.” Donna Smith, CEO, Reliance Recoveries, Case Story

“We’ve already seen results and our website is now performing better…”

“Tangible Words, and in particular Alysha Dominico, was the catalyst for En Masse to venture into the social media and online marketing world.  Alysha was able to help us learn the basic steps and was instrumental in developing our strategy for proactively managing this activity. We have already seen results and our website is now performing better in search results and targeted more effectively to appeal to our client market.” Julia Nelson, CEO, EnMasse

“Tangible Words helped me to focus on what makes my business unique…”

“Tangible Words helped me to focus on what makes my business unique and to advertise this quality in a contemporary and concise manner. They were very thorough in gathering information about my business and very knowledgeable and up to date about marketing my product. I would definitely recommend them to other companies.”Fraser Whatford, Trinity Health & Fitness.

“If you are looking for a company that’ll give you attention you need”

“I felt really at ease working with Alysha. She comes across as really caring and genuine person. I know every time we work together that she is there for me to really listen to what I need. And she delivers it with exceptional quality. If you are looking for a copywriter that will treat you like you are the only client that she has, then don’t look further.” - Melton Chinese Medicine

“They articulated our services that spoke to the needs of our clients”

“Tangible Words helped us to present our geophysical services in a way that our clients could appreciate and understand. After attempting to write the content ourselves, we hired Tangible Words to write the copy for our new website so that the content was clear, concise and provided value to our clients. Our previous website contained way too much text- it was repetitive, overly technical and did not do a great job of highlighting our expertise. Alysha and her team were able to articulate our services in language that spoke to the needs of each of our client industry groups, turning


“Not only do you get me to write down what I think but…”

“Not only do you get me to write down what I think but you also really believe in my company. You are not only writing the copy but you are also a coach. It is something that really makes the difference to me. What you’ve done with your company really motivates me to put products in place.” Natalie Richter, Content Partner with Tangible Word

“The Communications Plan told us exactly what my website should say”

“I love the new words Tangible Words wrote for my website. While it’s easy to sell myself in person, I found it hard to write down what made our renovations unique. It was hard to explain things like customer care and integrity on our site without using generic (ignorable) language. Tangible Words’ Communications Plan helped me figure out exactly what my site should say, and then they wrote it for me. They even helped some of my clients articulate what I did well for our Testimonials Page!“ -Damien Gutteridge, Gutteridge Builders, Victoria, Australia

“I learned a set process to create content and many online writing skills…”

“I needed a website, but didn’t know where to start. I used Tangible Words’ coaching to get me into the right mindset for writing website content that my target audience actually wanted to read. I learned a set process to create content and many online writing skills so that I, and my staff, will now write content that turns our website into a sales tool. Now I have a CMS WordPress website and I feel really good about what I accomplished in my five content marketing sessions with Tangible Words.”  - Michael Teglas, Owner/Operator, Academy of LearningCollege, Kingston Campus