Company Homepage Questionnaire

Congratulations! You have ordered the Company Homepage Website Copywriting product.?label=jUBOCL-F0FwQ892V3wM&guid=ON&script=0 Company Homepage Questionnaire

What Happens Now You’ve Ordered  An SEO Copywritten Homepage?

  1. Download the Company Homepage Questionnaire onto your Desktop- Self Brief Questionnaire.
  2. Completing the Questionnaire on Microsoft Word and Save it. Answer the questions as best as you can. We will use your responses to help us write copy for you.
  3. Email your completed Questionnaire to:

After You’ve Submitted Your Questionnaire:

  1. Your Company Homepage Website Copy will commence.
  2. An Email will be sent to confirm a Date and Time to go through the copy on the phone.
  3. The Copy will be sent to you 15 minutes before your phone consultation.
  4. Edits will be implemented during Phone Consultation.
  5. Final copy of Company Homepage will be emailed to you for you to upload.


  • If you do not receive a confirmation from Tangible Words within 48 hours, please call 416-779-7407 to confirm.
  • Can’t find the download” Check your downloads folder – it’s a small document so you might have missed the automatic download when you clicked. Alternatively, you can search your computer for “Webpage Copywriting Questionnaire – Tangible Words” (the name of the document for you to save, complete and submit.)
  • Any questions? Please call Vicky at 416-319-3771.