Content Strategy for Your Business Blog

By now, you’ll have heard about blogging and you know¬†blogging is good for your business. But do you know what to write about on your business blog?
One of the services Tangible Words helps clients is to sit down with business owners to help you determine your online content strategy. But if you have the time, here are a few ways to determine what you should blog about on your business blog. So how you decide what to write about for your business blog…

Create a content strategy that works for your blog

1) Research: what are your potential audience’s needs? Write them down so you can brainstorm what needs you could address.
2) Deliver: consider your audience’s needs. If you can solve some of their problems with your expertise you’ll build credibility.
3) Listen: In your field, what are other people writing about online? Just like your marketing strategy find a gap in the conversation and contribute.
4) Tell: What paths can you use to show them you have the solutions? Think about other blogs and online articles that you can comment on. This is a great way to show existing markets your business blog exists.
5) Start: Just start your blog. You can set up a free blog on or blogger. But choose 10 topics you might be able to write about. Then commit to writing one blog a week until you have a bit of content you can promote on other online spaces like Twitter, and like-minded business blogs.
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