Copywriting Course – Learn How To Write Sales And Marketing Copy

“The Tangible Words copywriting course has benefited my career and helped me learn practical copywriting skills. I found the course’s use of examples to be helpful, especially when learning how to create product benefits. And the exercises and activities allowed me to apply what I’d learned.”


  • Learn the fundamentals of writing Sales and Content Marketing for business.
  • Training to better write your sales and marketing messages.
  • Coaching from a professional copywriter to improve the work they do during the course from a professional copywriter.
  • A Level 1 Copywriting Certificate.

Working with the leadership team at Tangible Words has been a very rewarding and fun experience. The professionalism is obvious; the expectations of every assignment are clearly explained; and the feedback and coaching have encouraged and helped me grow as a writer.” Aaron Pederson, Sub-contractor with Tangible Words