How To Develop New Content Ideas To Attract Tourists to Your Region

new content ideas to attract tourists

Coming up with new content ideas to attract tourists doesn’t need to be a hassle. Take some time to hone in on their wants. If you know their travel goals, you can prepare a content strategy plan offering the services and experiences they seek. And contribute to your region’s economic development in the process.
Tourists travel to revel in the new, the exciting, the unknown. Or the well known, and well-liked. Content created with the tourist persona in mind that is likewise fresh and exciting – will pull the tide of visitors your way.
But perhaps your tourism marketing plan is fresh-out of new and exciting? If so, we’re here to kick-start your content strategy plan.

Research Visitors For New Content Ideas To Attract Tourists

Has Tammy the Tourist read any good articles lately? Find out.

What content is getting noticed online, particularly, on social media? Check performance stats by domain or topic on to see creative content marketing ideas that are getting the most attention on each platform. Use this knowledge to update your tourism marketing plan by customizing your efforts to meet the demand.

If you think your current content could use a tune-up to better suit your buyer persona, look to the websites of other leaders in your field. What are the key influencers reading?

Get specific in your research of competitors success-stories.

You’ve assessed the reading habits of your audience and looked into performance stats to gauge what’s trending. Take this a step further by looking into your competitors performance stats. After all, you share the same audience. What has worked for them?
Once you know what is performing well on competing sites (, you can take those topics of proven interest and use step three  below to find what problems need to be solved for your audience. Then you can get to work on your creative content marketing to generate new content ideas to attract tourists.

Check-out common Quora questions for the Tourism Industry.

Quora is a useful instrument in the marketer’s tool-belt as a hub of FAQ’s you can reference to determine pain-points by industry. You can pull several related questions and answer them all in a detailed blog post. Instead of inquirers reading through a list of mixed responses they can turn to you as an authority on the subject.

Tailor Your New Content Ideas To Attract Tourists You Want

Use convenient tools to analyze your SEO efforts.
Today, Google still includes an auto-complete option – another way of getting inside the mind of the buyer to find out what they’re looking for specifically. If they didn’t type it into Quora, they may have here. Find “related searches” at the bottom of the search page for a brief listing of keywords and phrases that may aid you in forming creative content marketing ideas for your tourism marketing plan.

Focus on one persona and their buyers journey.

new ideas to attract tourists to your Ontario tourist region
You’re targeting the tourist persona, and have researched what they hope to get out of their sight-seeing experience. Remember those questions you looked into on Quora? Now’s the time to consider what your persona’s questions may be when they go from prospective leads, to leads, then buyers. In other words, construct a tourism marketing plan that guides your site visitors through the Buyer’s Journey.

Picture who the buyer is, what they need and when, then develop content tailored to each stage of their journey in your tourism marketing plan.

Make Revamping Your Website a Part of Your Content Strategy Plan

Helping tourists with their research shows your interests are aligned with and theirs provides a strong start to attracting visitors eager to return for more.
Generating new ideas to attract tourists can step-up your region’s economic development, but it’s only part of the equation. The other part is how these ideas are presented to best represent your value offer. A website as fresh as your new content can draw all eyes to you, so of all the places Tammy Tourist can visit, she’s most impressed by yours.

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