"Tangible Words helped us develop our value proposition, buyer's journey.."

Carp Ridge Ecowellness Centre

“Tangible Words was exactly what we needed to increase the capacity of our organization to reach our intended audience and to help us fashion our new website.
I’m so appreciative of the professional expertise and insight Tangible Words brought to this project. From helping us extract ourselves from a difficult website hosting relationship, to setting out the architecture of the new website and helping us understand who we needed to target (and how to write for them in a way that is easy for a person outside our organization to understand) Alysha and her team did an excellent job.
Tangible Words helped us further develop our value proposition, understand our buyer’s journey, and clarify where to focus our energy for future digital efforts (including providing a checklist of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks) to strategically achieve more efficient and successful results online. We gave Tangible Words tight deadlines – ones we struggled to meet ourselves – but they were patient as we sometimes needed to make fundamental adjustments as the new thinking began to take hold.
In working with Tangible Words we have been able to understand what inbound marketing is about and why it can best serve our existing customers and how it will attract others who will resonate with what we offer. We had a structured process that gave us time to think in depth and to better articulate our value proposition. Their proprietary content creation process and web design project plan gave us the tools and confidence we need to meet our business goals while maintaining our identity which is precious to us.”