Does your 'Call To Action' Even Work?

An effective ‘call to action’ on your website is NOT ┬áthe words “call me” with your contact details.

If you want to start a relationship with prospects from your website, you need to have enticing offers, and incentives that are too good to pass up talking to the company about.┬áMost business owners do not put any thought into ‘incentives’ or ‘offers’ and this is where they miss out on bulk conversions.
Website readers are lazy. Most website content does not take into consideration the audience’s interests and purposes for being on your site, and what these people want to read about.
When we’re reading online, we want to be in complete control. Automated pop-ups that interrupt readers get in the way of what we’re trying to do are downright annoying. You have to prove to every reader why we should bother to click on a new link and *sigh* WAIT for a new page to load. If there isn’t an incentive your target audience reader considers valuable then–click, we’re quickly off to another website easily accessible from our overflowing Twitter feed, or our extensive Search Results list.
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