Here's how brand consistency makes money

See the power of brand consistency

When customers know what to expect from you, they’ll want to use your services again. So when people click off your e-newsletter onto your website, your website should reflect the same tone and language of the newsletter. Or, you risk confusing your customers instead of sending the same message consistently.
Unfortunately, many small businesses try to write their content in-house, losing business and wasting valuable time. (The same is true for website copy and website design–they must work together or else you’re missing out on a powerful sales tool).
Three Ways Professional Writers Make A Valuable Asset To Your Brand’s Impact:

  1. You can ensure consistency by having a technical writer create a Style Guide.
  2. Improve all of your documents with a copyeditor enforcing your Style Guide.
  3. Even more, you can ensure the consistency of all emotional messages to customers by having a copywriter oversee all documents as part of your Sales Process.

When you see the power of brand consistency, and the money is rolling in, you’ll only be sorry you didn’t get a professional writer sooner!