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The Role Of Marketing In Economic Development: A Beginner’s Guide

All’s fair in love and economic development. In order to stand out from the pack, the role of marketing in ...
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How To Attract Investors Online With Inbound Marketing

Business in your region is growing, but you know there’s more you can do to help it along. You want ...
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best-economic-development-websites-300x212 Economic Development

How The Best Economic Development Websites Get Found Online

Attracting visitors to your economic development website is imperative to growing brand awareness and driving business. To become one of ...
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how-to-use-social-media-300x200 Economic Development

3 Reasons Learning How To Use Social Media Attracts Investment

One of your primary concerns when showing off your economic development region to investors is proving your region’s value. In ...
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economic-development-website-homepage-1-300x199 Economic Development

Revise Your Economic Development Website Homepage For Sales

You’ve done everything right: you’ve created an economic development website homepage. You've even developed a blog and released social media content ...
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improve-your-online-economic-development-communications-300x148 Economic Development

7 Ways To Improve Your Online Economic Development Communications

You’ve got a great economic development location, welcoming community and knowledgeable staff. Now, it's time to improve your online economic ...
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Write-Economic-Development-Content-Specific-To-Your-Target-Audience-300x200 Economic Development

Write Economic Development Content Specific To Your Target Audience

You need to write economic development content specific to your target audience because content is still king. The most difficult part ...
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Nov-7-EDCO-webinar-300x150 Economic Development

How Online Marketing Increases Experiential Tourism Dollars: EDCO Webinar

On November 7th, in partnership with EDCO, Tangible Words will be presenting “How Online Marketing Increases Experiential Tourism Dollars in ...
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Fall-2017-Webinar-Series-Event-Header-Final-300x100 Economic Development

Help Local Companies Find & Recruit Talent: Oct 17th EDCO Webinar

In partnership with EDCO, Tangible Words will be presenting "Help Local Companies Find & Recruit Talent in Your Region" EDCO ...
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OEMC-2017-presentation-300x150 Economic Development

OEMC 2017 Presentation – Help Local Businesses Thrive & Attract New Investors

On Thursday September 14th at 11:30am, Alysha Dominico, Co-Founder of Tangible Words Ltd. will present "Help Local Businesses Thrive & ...
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attract-investors-online-through-business-blogs-300x200 Economic Development

Here’s How You Can Attract Investors Online Through Business Blogs

In a perfect world your economic development region would speak for itself. But in the online world it’s the  economic ...
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convert-protest-to-profit-300x225 Economic Development

Dealing with Site Selectors Objections when Relocating to Your Region

You might need to deal with site selectors objections when relocating to your economic development location because clients are intelligent and ...
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Use-web-design-to-attract-investors-300x212 Economic Development

How to Attract Investors to Your Economic Development Website

Although content is king, the design of your economic development website is also important when trying to attract  investors and ...
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Attract-investors-with-an-elevator-pitch-feature-300x200 Economic Development

A Sales Pitch to Attract Investors to Your Economic Development Region

You could talk about your economic development region for hours. But when you’re trying to attract investors, it’s best to ...
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Blah-Blah-Blah-300x200 Economic Development

How To Use Non-Verbal Communication For Economic Development

Non-verbal communication makes up 93% of all communication[i], according to Dr. Albert Mehrabian, making it a powerful tool you can ...
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boost-website-traffic-with-social-media-300x200 Economic Development

How To Boost Website Traffic to Attract Investors With Social Media

You can attract investors with social media plus boost website traffic. Step One: create a relationship between your business social media accounts ...
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Email-lists-attract-investors-300x150 Economic Development

How Email Lists Attract Investors to Your Economic Development Region

Email is considered 40% more effective than social media at luring new customers (McKinsey & Company). Personalizing your email lists ...
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Blogging-increases-website-traffic-300x150 Economic Development

How Blogging Can Increase Your Economic Development Website’s Traffic

You’ve networked and made connections with potential investors. You’ve perfected your sales pitch. And you’ve created an awesome economic development ...
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Attract-Investors-300x175 Economic Development

Attract Investors With Your Economic Development Website

For any economic development region, your website is your business storefront, capable of attracting investors and inviting businesses when you ...
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Working-from-Anywhere-300x225 Economic Development

3 Reasons High Speed Internet is Needed for Economic Development

Few things are as important to modern business success as high speed internet access. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission ...
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How-to-attract-more-customers-to-your-company-in-20-seconds-95x300 Economic Development

Your 20 second sales pitch to attract economic development investors

You’ve got 20 seconds to attract economic development investors to your region. That’s not a lot of time to make ...
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Inbound-Marketing-Methodology-300x169 Economic Development

How to Attract Investors to Your Economic Development Region

A well-rounded marketing strategy to promote your economic development region starts with a widespread online presence. A hybrid approach making ...
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Google-Hangouts-300x113 Economic Development

Using Share Software – Woo Potential Economic Development Investors

When you’re trying to entice investors to your economic development region you know you need to make it as easy ...
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everyone-sells--300x150 Economic Development

Don’t Fix Your Economic Development Website Without a Strategic Plan

Why Economic Developers Need At Least This 1-Page Strategic Plan If you’ve listened to any of my EDAC, OMAFRA, or OEMC, ...
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SEO-Website-Copywriting-300x300 Economic Development

Site Selectors & Investors Will Love Your Economic Development Website

So now you know which site selectors and potential investors are looking for in your website and companies you should ...
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pablo-2-300x150 Economic Development

What Site Selectors Look For On Your Economic Development Website?

The biggest mistake your economic development website (and subsequent communications) can make...The simple answer is: to sound like everyone else ...
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pablo-3-300x150 Economic Development

How To Get The Best Value From Your Economic Development Website Budget

You know you need to create or renew your economic development website, but do you really know how much it’s ...
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target-audience-17460435-300x189 Economic Development

How to Reach Your Economic Development Investors Today

Reaching your target audience aka economic development investors is only part of the mission. You must connect. Why? Lack of ...
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gathered-around-computer-300x126 Economic Development

Top 3 Ways Economic Developers Can Promote Their Regions

Gathering and cultivating the interest of your target audiences requires forethought and due process. If you do the necessary legwork before ...
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pablo-19-300x150 Economic Development

For Your 2017 Economic Development Inbound Marketing

There's always so much to do to market your economic development region. How are you going to prepare for your 2017 ...
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optimize_website_banner_2017-300x120 Economic Development

January 19th, 2017 Webinar Optimize Your Economic Development Website

Your economic development website is the most important tool in your toolbox. It's important that you optimize your economic development ...
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How-To-Build-An-Economic-Development-Website-That-Attracts-Investors-300x300 Economic Development

How To Build An Economic Development Website That Attracts Investors

It might seem like a good idea to spread a wide net and hope for the best with your Economic ...
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wordcloud1-300x203 Economic Development

SEO Tips To Help You Attract The Right Buyers

You’ve built your website, now what? Is your website honeymoon over? Probably. Because to attract the right buyers and investors ...
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METRO-Pilot-Program-Proposal-EDAC-award-300x176 Economic Development

Winner of an Economic Development Marketing Canada Award! 

Our client, Prescott and Russell Economic Development and Tourism (PREDT) (department of the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, UCPR) ...
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Attract-Canadian-investors-300x300 Economic Development

How to Attract Investors To Your Canadian Economic Region

When you redeveloped your economic development website, did you account for SEO website copywriting? All the money you've spent on ...
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How-to-Fix-You-Website-Content-To-Attract-More-Investors-To-Your-Location-188x300 Economic Development

5 Reasons Your Website Fails To Attract Investors and Increase Sales

It’s so satisfying to work with a website developer who gets the look you’re after and works their magic to ...
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What-Happened-At-OEMC2016-300x149 Economic Development

Who Was At #OEMC2016 and What Happened?

WOW! #OEMC2016 was ranked as the top trend in Canada by @WorldTrend! Here's a snapshot of some of the great ...
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What-Successful-EDOs-Do-300x118 Economic Development

Communicating ‘Quick Wins’: Successful EDOs Do…

Economic Developers gathered virtually for this #OEMC2016 Tweetchat topic to share learning and insight. Find out what successful EDOs do ...
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Economic-Developers-on-Twitter-300x151 Economic Development

Conference Tweeting 101-Why Would Economic Developers Use Twitter?

Why would economic developers use Twitter? Find out more here during the Tweetchats at the Ontario East Municipal Conference in ...
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OEMC2016-300x226 Economic Development

Best Ideas and Resources for New EDOs!

[View the story "Best Ideas & Resources for New EDOs! #OEMC2016" on Storify] ...
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OEMC2016-300x300 Economic Development

#OEMC2016: Formal Ways to Participate on Twitter

This year at the Ontario East Municipality Conference on Sept 14-16, 2016 in Kingston, Ontario there will be a live ...
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Hmm-What-To-Tweet-About-300x300 Economic Development

What To Tweet About As An Economic Developer?

Are you an economic developer who is hesitant about online marketing and Twitter? Here’s exactly why Twitter is the ‘must ...
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-OEMC2016-•-300x300 Economic Development

Attention Economic Developers – You Need To Get On Twitter Now!

Reasons All Economic Developers Should Be On Twitter at Economic Development Conferences: If you’ve met me before, I can hear ...
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OEMC2016-300x300 Economic Development

Reasons Why Economic Developers Hesitate With Twitter

Even though Economic Development is largely a sales role (you’re selling your community) #EcDev is a little unique. Besides being ...
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