The End Of E-newsletters & The Death Of Social Media

Apparently, some dissenters are proclaiming that e-newsletters work more against you than for you in business.
I was an unfortunate attendee listening to someone exclaim this, who in the next breath offered his new service for automated social media feeds.
The contradictions were rife in his speech. How can you refute e-newsletters for their lack of engagement and then promote automated social media feeds?
As an online content writer, I objected. As a business owner, I was annoyed. As a Toronto Copywriter, I was furious. The dissemination of misinformation helps nobody.
An informed decision is one you make with more than one source in mind. Before you get into automated social media services keep the following in mind.
1. E-newsletters are a form of social media. You can’t promote one and not the other. Social media is just another forum for communicating with your customers. And communicating with your customers is a good idea.
2. There are at least 5 reasons people will hate your brand because of your enewsletters, but the responsibility lies with the company.
3. Automating your social media is not engaging. You’ll fail for all the same reasons as you did in Point #2: ignoring your target audience’s interests. In fact, you’ll be working towards the death of social media by ruining everything that was cool about it.
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