FREE Webinar: ‘Starting Your Business Blog’ – March 20th/21st, 2012

“Everything You Need To Know About Starting Your Business Blog”
– Webinar Cost: Free
March 20th at 5pm – 6pm Eastern Time OR March 21st at 9am-10am Melbourne, Australia time
Finally, a chance to learn about business blogging (and create one!) online via a webinar. Here is all you need to know about what blogging can do for your business, and how to get started. Spend time in the workshop figuring out what you would write your business blog about, and leave with the simple steps to create one when you get back to the office. After this session you’ll know:

  • why a business blog is exactly what your customers seek
  • your blogging plan so you don’t run out of time or energy
  • the simple steps to creating your company blog now
  • To register please click Business Blogging.