Get Paid To Improve Sales? Australian Government Grants For Education

Four-simple-days, a-whole-bunch-of-ideas, and time-to-improve sales later,  the Tangy Words Crew is expanding to a

Knowledge lets you be more competitive.

new country: simply because of the business training in the “Fast-Track” Certificate III Sales and Diploma of Business Management courses at Pollard Institute.
Get this: through Pollard, the Australian Government will pay up to $2500 (for each member of your staff!) just to take valuable tertiary education.
Dubious? Ask for our senior copywriter’s review of the FREE courses taken by The Tangy Words Crew. We’ll tell you exactly how our new knowledge from the Diploma of Management and Certificate III Wholesale course helped us grow our copywriting business.
Or, simply ask us in person: visit our BNI chapter, and network your business at the same time!