Google Keyword Tool Has Been Replaced with Keyword Planner

Google has got rid of Keyword Tool! Yes the free tool that almost everyone with a website has used once before. They claim they have just ‘integrated it’s functionality and Google Traffic Estimator to make a better tool’ called Keyword Planner.

What they glaze over, is that the only way to get into it is if you have a Google Adwords account. Yes the ‘Paid’ advertising tool.

What’s the difference between Organize SEO versus Paid SEO Ads?
It looks as though Google is putting more focus on people who spend money with Google to get their websites up in the rankings especially as the tool to help them can only be accessed by their paid account! Also looks like a lot of the things you could do and see on the Keyword Tool, have been removed in Keyword Planner.

Is it just me, or is Google making it harder and harder or do people think the Keyword Planner is a good thing?

Remember Last Year – Google’s New SEO Rules? How has that affected your business?