How and Why I use Twitter for Business

As a business, I’m totally psyched about the benefits of Twitter. Heaps of people are touting Twitter for business and millions are using it (there were over 3500 tweets about the #Superbowl alone within the first half of the 44th Superbowl).
There are so many people telling you to use Twitter for business, so instead, I thought I would give you an example of how I use Twitter for business.

Here are some of the business benefits I receive from Twitter:

1) Become an expert: you can learn so much from the tweets of people in Twitter Searches and the tweets admin of people you follow, and as John Warrillow, author of Built to Sell: Turn Your Business into One You Can Sell tells us, becoming an expert is one of the best ways of adding value to your business.
2) Connect to other businesses on Twitter: I make, confirm, and maintaing powerful business affiliates and alliances through Twitter. Other people can find me as easily as I can find them. And Twitter offers searches in real-time: a person who is tweeting your keywords is a potential immediate connection and alliance.
3) Gain Exposure: I use Twitter to let other people know I’m available to them. Tangible Words’ offers LIVE Help for wording conundrums on the Tangible Words Twitter profile.
TIP: You should have the same person manage your Twitter accounts to get consistency of tone.¬†Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be done by you. You can easily outsource your Social Media Marketing (and ask for your blog to be written by professional bloggers too).
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  • Another great business tool in Twitter is the ability to select which Tweets you’d like to share with your LinkedIn Network.
    Simply add #li to your Tweet and it will appear in your LinkedIn profile (if you have already linked your Twitter account).
    It’s a great way to avoid “over-sharing” your Tweets with your LinkedIn contacts.

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