How do you access Twitter?

Many SMEs still aren’t sure about using a Twitter account. A Twitter account is an excellent business tool but how do you access Twitter?
It’s free to obtain a Twitter account. Just like Facebook, all you need is a email. And although you can use a program to Tweet from your phone, Twitter is in essence just a webpage with a login (like Facebook).

There are two ways for you to access Twitter:

  1. From the webpage:
  2. From a Twitter application: [2016 update: These are literally popping up all the time. They are often applications you can use on your smart phone or computer. The most popular one has traditionally been Hootsuite. But Twitter has improved it’s experience significantly over the years and it’s the one I prefer now on both my web browser (Chrome) and my smartphone (iPhone). (Hootsuite can be overwhelming for Twitter newbs: it’s feature-heavy and newbies tend to want to start with the simplest version of Twitter.)]

There are also a bunch of prescheduling and analytic Twitter tools you can use (for example Buffer) but like Buffer, not all of them let you actually experience all the functions of Twitter (e.g. lists, interactions, notifications, etc.).
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