How Online Marketing Increases Experiential Tourism Dollars: EDCO Webinar

Nov 7 EDCO webinar

On November 7th, in partnership with EDCO, Tangible Words will be presenting “How Online Marketing Increases Experiential Tourism Dollars in Your Region” @edco1edco webinar as part of a four-part webinar series.
This event is recognized by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) as a professional development event that counts towards the re-certification of Certified Economic Developers (CEcDs).

How Online Marketing Increases Experiential Tourism Dollars in Your Region: EDCO Webinar

The tourism world has moved away from tours and into “experiences”. The online world has made it easy to find what you’re looking for – but harder for buyers to make a decision. This is a great webinar to attend if you know your community has great tourism assets and a great opportunity to expand tourism revenue.
how online marketing increases experiential tourism dollarsWhen your community is targeting tourism dollars, it’s essential to simplify the process for buyers by understanding the essential components of online communication and best practices.  See what is working well for other experiential tourism businesses, including how one rural company doubled their revenue in one year.  At the end, you’ll know how to lead your tourism operators in becoming a more attractive and competitive destination.
What You Will Learn:

  1. Best Practices to inspire what’s possible to increase rural experiential tourism in your region. 
  2. How Online Communication Sets Experiential Tourism up for Success.
  3. Best Tools and Practices In Communicating “The Experience.”
  4. What’s working well for other experiential tourism businesses in rural areas.
  5. How to translate this knowledge to your tourism operators.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 7th
TIME: 2pm– 3:15pm
WHERE: Online so you can be anywhere!
SPEAKER: Alysha Dominico, Tangible Words
Twitter Info: @tangiblewords @edco1edco @E_D_A_C #econdev #profdev
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Please note: The Economic Developers Association of Canada (EDAC) has accredited this EDCO webinar series and will award 4 points toward Ec.D. Certification. Please note you must attend all four webinars to receive the points—partial points will not be awarded. Recorded versions of the webinars will be available to registrants by request.