Inbound Marketing Success

Get to the Top with Inbound Marketing

Q: Your FAQs say you’ve increased sales by 340%, doubled revenue, created new income streams, etc. Can you make guarantees about your inbound marketing strategy? (Or: what guarantees can be made?)

A: We can 100% guarantee you will be further ahead by hiring us. Our project management skills get you organized. Our facilitation skills help you make decisions that were otherwise buried, ignored and/or awkward for your team. We help you achieve the goals you could not do in-house, because our sheer persistence builds your momentum and breakthrough.
Using our own inbound services put our company revenue for Tangible Words Ltd., ahead by 120% in 2017. Take a look at one of our inbound marketing clients, Area9 Learning, where in just one month, we increased their website traffic by 29% and their social media presence by 230%
We have such an extensive sales process we do not work with you unless it is a good fit for both of us, and we will have determined what level of support you need. If your sales team is going to need help to work with the leads we generate, we build that support into your plan.
We can also guarantee expert SEO copywriting. We’ve helped multiple companies win awards. We can guarantee a website process 100% focused on your strategic goals. We can guarantee a successful customized inbound marketing strategy based on where you want to end up.

Q: I know social media is necessary but how many accounts should I have, which accounts should I have, and how often should I post?

A: The answer depends on your industry, your competitors, your clients, and your purpose on social media. What we can say, without a doubt, is that if you are running a business in the twenty-first century you do need a social media presence. However we will work with you to assess which platforms you should be using.
We can also train your staff to manage them or manage the accounts for you. And any account we manage we can also track the efficacy of.

    • If a website is like a storefront and content is the experience of walking around the store, social media marketing is like a pop up shop. It looks like your storefront and has the same/similar content but you find it in new different places.