“Increased the number of incoming website inquiries by up to 50%."

website enquiries

A copywriter generating money for us? Who would have thought! Tangible Words’ approach to help us make our editorial on our website and advertising sound more professional (but also make it more effective) was simply amazing. Tangible Words took time to listen to us to find out who we are, what type of service we provide and what our benefits are, who our clients are and what they value, what we stand for and which prospects we need to target. Their proposal convinced us to use their services immediately as it was tailored to our needs and set clear targets like the increase of traffic on our landing page and increase of level of inquiry etc.
We could clearly see the value in their services. Tangible Words worked fast on all the jobs and even finished them before the set deadlines and showed a huge amount of flexibility in terms of last minute changes we requested. Not only has Tangible Words improved the flow of our editorial but has also achieved and exceeded the objectives set and increased the number of incoming website inquiries by up to 50%. Did you think you don’t need a copywriter – think again!“
– Urban Workspace