Keyword Series #1: All in One SEO pack for WordPress

Through business workshops in Ontario covering blogging for business and website copywriting, WordPress has been a topic of great interest. Through this, we have started offering ‘Learn to Use WordPress for your Business Website and Blog‘ workshop.
In our Blogging Series campaign, popular WordPress plugins were discussed. Included was the ‘All in One SEO’ pack. However because of its importance with keyword integration, we thought it would be beneficial to discuss it separately.
All in One SEO plugin – Google and other Search Engines read your blog articles and website more easily. This plugin is used to add in your keywords, description, and title.
It is important that when you have decided what your keywords will be (suggestion: use the Google keyword tool) that you add these keywords into your SEO pack description, title, and tags. However don’t forget, use the copywriting technique where you integrate those same words within the copy.
Also remember to think about what your clients would type into a search engine to find you. Perhaps ask them when they contact you, and then use these keywords in this plugin.
The advantage of using this plugin is it helps you not to forget to implement the keywords which really is important if you want to be found online more regularly.