NEWS: TW Website changes, thanks for your patience

Dear TWBlog readers, workshop attendees and clients,
You might have noticed, Tangible Words has evolved considerably since we started in 2010. And like many of our clients, we’ve just shed the skin of a smaller company to become something more.
As consequence, we need our website content to reflect the suite of services we’ve brought in to serve our clients’ needs over the past 16 months. So we’ve directed in-house resources away from some of our content marketing tools for the moment (like our blog and e-newsletter) in order to work on our website rewrite.

In short, we’re putting our company through the same quality-assured process we put all of our clients go through!

And by the way, we weren’t ready to say these things before, but we are ready now.
So, cheers to continuous improvement, growing businesses, and content marketing best practices.
Want to pop some bubbly?
We hope we’ll hear feedback from you when the new content goes live in March.
Alysha & the Tangy Words Crew.