Ontario East Municipal Conference – Kingston, Ontario

Alysha Dominico presenting

Tangible Words will be presenting at the annual Ontario East Municipal Conference (OEMC) in Kingston, Ontario this September.
Understanding Social Media: The Need for a Content Policy – Sept 12th at 10:15am
Feel like you’re constantly chasing the next social media software? Avoid wasting time: understand the key components of a Social Media Content Policy. Learn how to create an online strategy using various tools.
Improve Your Website Content, Trigger Your Target Audience to Take Action – Sept 12 at 2pm
Learn how to keep your website current and meaningful for stakeholders–with less effort. And bonus: when your website content meets your audience’s expectations – your staff workload decreases.
Your Presenter: Alysha Dominico, Operations Manager and Principal Copywriter
Alysha DominicoArticulating what you do in the language of the customer is the first step towards engaging prospects. As an expert in e-literacy, Alysha helps small and mid-sized companies in Australia and Canada communicate with customers in more [Tangible] words.
Tangible Words trains online writers, creates Internet and Intranet best practice guides, creates content strategies and writes website content for innovative companies. Alysha has been teaching, writing, editing, and copywriting for ten years.  Tangible Words’ Copywriting WebsiteCopywriting Blog, and Online Content Tweets share content marketing knowledge weekly.
We hope to see you there!