So you're going to be a BNI Mentor?

As a BNI Copywriter, I am interested in all methods of selling. And BNI Assistant Director Lolita Jackson’s BNI CD talks about all the ways “Mentoring Makes Money.” But do you see your BNI Chapter numbers decreasing more than you see your chapter Closed Business dollars increasing?

Setting up a worthwhile Mentoring Program can be just the ticket to strengthening your Chapter income — and Power Team numbers.

You might not fully understand your role or what you can contribute to your Protege when you first become a BNI Mentor. But make no mistake, you’ve been asked to be a BNI Mentor for a reason. Whether you still feel new to BNI, or you’ve been there for ages–you have a lot to contribute to your Chapter (and your business) by being a BNI Mentor.

BNI Mentoring Builds Chapters and Makes Money

Being a BNI Mentor is important to both the Mentor, the New Member, and Your BNI Chapter.

BNI’s New Members frequently find the BNI ssytems and processes confusing. Developing a relationship of trust with a BNI Mentor is often just the thing New Members need to become a better BNI Chapter contributor (which makes all members more money), and makes everyone’s BNI membership more worthwhile.
BNI Mentors don’t just strengthen their knowledge of BNI systems and processes by being a BNI Mentor. BNI Mentors have a chance to take a leadership role in their BNI Chapter to also create trust within your group–the key to bigger, better referrals. Plus, your BNI Protege is sure to never forget how helpful you are.

Think of all the people who willingly helped you along your business journey. Your gratitude probably has you still trying to refer business to them, no?

The BNI Mentoring Program Works Best When Mentors Meet With Proteges Once-a-Week.
Here’s a list of things you might want to cover in your BNI Mentor meetings:

  • Improving your BNI Infomercial (your 60-Second Sales Manager Minute)
  • Preparation for “I have…” section of next week’s meeting
  • Invitee brainstorm/list build for the New Member’s Personal Visitor’s Day
  • Feedback from Mentor and/or Chapter Members on the New Member’s most-recent-meeting contribution.
  • Clarification of any BNI system’s and processes. (E.g. “Who gets the pink slip?”; “Should I keep the yellow slip?”; Testimonials; etc.)
  • 10-minute presentation Preparation (E.g. “What should I say in my 10-minute presentation?”; “Who do I want coming to my 10-minute presentation?”; “What technology can I use?”; “How do I keep to my time limit?”; etc.)
  • Work through the BNI “New Member Guide” and “Mentoring” booklets

Next week’s post: Top 10 Steps To Being The Best BNI Mentor You Can!

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