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Questions You Need To Ask To Design A Tourist Friendly Website

Your tourist destination has a lot to offer international, regional, and local visitors. You want to make it a bucket list destination. But you’re not sure how to attract tourists to your region? Your website is one of your most successful marketing tools to get consistent tourist bookings. But only if you design a tourist friendly website.  

3 Questions to Answer Before Developing Your Tourist Friendly Website

Your tourism website is your storefront. Whether you’re creating your website from scratch or looking to do a redesign you must ask yourself these questions. The answers are the key to creating a website that attracts tourists.

1. Why Is A Tourist Using Your Website?

Research! 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases (2014, Adweek). Tourists want to know where to stay, what to do, what to eat. And they want to be able to book it all too. Design a website that can do all of that for them.  

2. What Are The Must-Have Tools To Design A Website?

  • Content Management Systems (CMS): Like WordPress or Wix, these tools make add-post-design-a-tourist-friendly-website-300x200 Questions You Need To Ask To Design A Tourist Friendly Websitedesigning a professional looking site super easy!
  • Copywritten Content: Don’t design your website without writing your website first. Create pre-written content so you aren’t scrambling to fill your CMS once you go live.
  • Images: Seeing is believing. 60% of people are visual learners. And content receives 94% more views when images are attached! Have a well stocked image library of your tourist region to attract tourists.

3. Should You Use A Copywriter & Web Developer?

Yes! And I’m not just saying that because I am a copywriter. If you run a tourism website you probably consider yourself an expert in tourism. Copywriters and web developers are experts in words and websites. Copywriters and web developers are trained to create and design content better than anyone else. Create space in your budget for a copywriter and web developer and don’t forget, content first, then design!

Your website is one of many tools to get consistent tourist bookings. And creating a website that attracts tourists to your region is easy. Just have the right tools in place to create a website that helps tourists see your destination as you do: a bucket list travel spot.

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Create Tourism Websites Travellers Want To Visit

If you want to go on vacation – to a new city, on a camping trip, or a wine tour – you plan it first, right? Arriving at your destination, like an Ontario tourist region, with no plan wastes time and money. So if you want to create tourism websites travellers want to visit you need to spend time planning your content. Just like your tourists plan their vacations. To make prospective tourists excited to travel to your destination your tourism website needs to start with a plan – a map – of what and how you’re going to promote what you have to offer.

Just like your tourist region, your tourism website needs to make users fall in love with it so they’ll keep coming back.

How To Create Tourism Websites To Attract Visitors

For most businesses a website is a storefront. For your Ontario tourist region, your website offers the first glimpse into what your destination has to offer. Whatever amenities your region boasts, it’s easy to get caught up in creating a stellar final product that allows your region to sell itself. But focusing the final product omits one important element: the tourists you’re trying to attract to your website.

Follow These 3 Steps When You Create Tourism Websites

Treat your tourism website with the same care your prospective tourists treat their travel planning. Plan, write, then present your website. It’s their first glimpse of your region and keep your content user focused.

  1. Planning: Let’s face it, no one likes to plan. The planning stage is the most often overlooked phase of tourism website creation. The planning stage is when you need to sit down and really think about who you’re trying to attract to your website, who they are and what they want from your tourism region and your website.
  2. Writing: Writing for your website can be hard work. However, planning makes writing content for your website easier. It allows you to hone in on exactly what you need to write and for whom: the prospective tourists you want to attract to your region.
  3. Presenting: This is the fun part. Once you have a plan you can create a user experience that keeps prospective tourists on your website because they’re satisfied, trusting, and, most of all excited, to visit.

You know your Ontario tourist region has plenty to offer prospective tourists. The best way to reflect that in your tourism website is to plan, write, and present your region in a way that turns prospective tourists into return travellers.

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