“I have saved thousands of dollars by working with Tangible Words”

“Tangible words has demonstrated their ability to improve my Australian business, by delivering a service that ‘Hits the Mark’ with our target market.  Alysha demonstrates a very talented ability to find the unique points of difference that I can’t see in my own product and service and  deliver  ‘a message’ in such a way that it creates a compelling reason why customers need to buy into my business.

Tangible Words helped me save thousands of dollars by planning and mapping out exactly the what, where and why of my product and services, to better define my target market needs’ and create customer messages that will help them make purchasing decisions.

I was redeveloping my website for the third time before I started working with Tangible Words. It was only in working with Tangible Words that I finally found a marketing expert who understands my unique product, service and can tangibly communicate that offering succinctly to my target market.

The Content Partnership with Tangible Words has allowed me to utilize Alysha Dominico’s amazing organisation skills, keeping me on priorities and my ‘A Game’ for selling. I get immediate responses to questions when needed and her experience and background gives me different perspectives to think about before making important marketing decisions.

On top of it all, Alysha has demonstrated supportiveness, patience and understanding through the initial start-up phase of my website and business.

I look forward to continuing  my relationship with Alysha and Tangible Words, they have been instrumental, from the get-go, for defining and shaping my success.”

– Julie Richardson, Founder, Miamba

Before You Start Your New Website Design, Don’t Forget to:

So now what?

In our next article we will provide a “I Want A New Website Design” Checklist so that you are better prepared when choosing a website developer.

Tangible Words is not a website developing company.

Tangible Words is a website copywriting, content marketing, strategic communications company. We have a few hand selected website developers in Ottawa, Toronto, and Melbourne, Australia that work with us to provide the best website redesigns and a smooth website content implementation process for our clients.

Does Online Content Marketing Affect Your Customer Service Strategy?

Here’s something interesting I came across today.

I was spending time on LinkedIn looking at the contacts which LinkedIn recommended I connect with, based on a client I connected with today. Yes, there are some people out there who actually do this.

I’ll be honest, here’s how I’ve used LinkedIn in the past:

  • to keep track of people I had a nice conversation with, so that if I have an opportunity to connect them with someone else, I can find them (and their picture).
  • to keep track of emails with people
  • to share articles and links
  • to showcase Tangible Words’ recommendations of work
  • to have a place for my CV for credibility of work (my publications, education, knowledge)

Linked-In Does Online Content Marketing Affect Your Customer Service Strategy?

Lately, however,I’ve been finding more use with LI because we’ve created a content strategy around the use of LI:

  1. I’ve been sharing daily updates of our publications and topics that interest my target audience. I’ve found that people are interacting with our shared articles and I’m seeing metrics on the levels of value we’re sharing with our target audience.
  2. I’ve been reconnecting by using updates from people I haven’t talked to in a while in Australia, Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston and Belleville. Wondering how they’re doing, I see what they’ve been up to, who they’ve worked with, and whether they have recently re-branded so I know how to better recommend them. I also look at who they’re now connected to and ask for introductions to people.
  3. I’ve been asking for help in groups on topics I don’t know very much about yet, like networking groups in Ottawa.
  4. I’ve been finding events to attend and participate in, in Toronto and Ottawa.
  5. I’ve been participating in discussions in groups.
  6. I’ve been endorsing people I really think have great skills but whom I haven’t found a way to work with yet.
  7. I’ve been emailing and building relationships with people who looked at my profile to find out what we really have in common, and I’ve been discovering prospects along the way.

Phewf. It’s taken up a lot of time, that’s true, but it’s also give me some interesting opportunities for letting more people know about Tangible Words, and for connecting other people together more meaningfully.

However, today I went to connect with someone who is in Government in Ottawa. 

There’s not a lot of use in LI for people who work in government. In fact, clearly LI is a bit of a torment to these people because they derive so little value from LI, this particular guy had a message under Advice For Contacting him: “PLEASE do not contact me. I don’t want this account. I can’t seem to delete it.”
And I thought: Huh. That sucks. I wonder if he just doesn’t know how to delete his account. I could probably find a way to help him. I bet I can find better instructions, and send him an email with instructions on how to delete his account.
Wow. What a can of worms.

My Search To Discover How To Delete a LI Account:

The first hit in my search  “delete LI account” was a post from LI support, telling us how to close the account with simple instructions. It had a recent date, so these must be the most current instructions.
But the next 3 major hit lists from Google were all nasty posts criticizing LI for the difficulty in deleting their service–detailed with pictures and extreme exasperation from multiple users who find LI very difficult to close and not very transparent in their processes.
I became very nervous for my poor friend in government. It didn’t look like I was going to be sending him that email today. So I thought I’d write this post instead because here we have a VERY interesting example of content marketing. Everyone is always afraid of their company receiving bad reviews online. They’re scared of interacting too much because they might be publicly criticized.
However we’ve taken the point of view–that you’d better get out there and start talking online because just like school kids talking about their teachers, they’re going to talk about you anyway, so you might as well participate in the conversation.

My Question To You About Content Marketing:

So I ask you:  would it not have been a wonderful customer service opportunity for LI to update their “recently reviewed” How To Close Your LI Account Post with the message, “we know in the past it’s been difficult to close your account, we’re sorry, try these instructions” ? What do you think?
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Get Paid To Improve Sales? Australian Government Grants For Education

Four-simple-days, a-whole-bunch-of-ideas, and time-to-improve sales later,  the Tangy Words Crew is expanding to a

IMG_0592-150x150 Get Paid To Improve Sales? Australian Government Grants For Education

Knowledge lets you be more competitive.

new country: simply because of the business training in the “Fast-Track” Certificate III Sales and Diploma of Business Management courses at Pollard Institute.

Get this: through Pollard, the Australian Government will pay up to $2500 (for each member of your staff!) just to take valuable tertiary education.

Dubious? Ask for our senior copywriter’s review of the FREE courses taken by The Tangy Words Crew. We’ll tell you exactly how our new knowledge from the Diploma of Management and Certificate III Wholesale course helped us grow our copywriting business.

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