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Why spammers are targeting your business blog

It’s getting harder to determine a legitimate comment on your business blog from a spammer–or worse, a hacker–on your website. That’s because there are enough generic comments written by spammers to make it seem like they are responsibly interacting with your post. But they’re not. When you accept blog comments like these, you could be forfeiting control of your whole website.

So why are spammers and hackers so interested in your business blog?

Well, you see, the number one way to get a lot of traffic to a website is to post on different sites. Having your site linked back to a variety of websites is a major asset for any website.

Firstly, you are increasing your business blog traffic. So if you comment frequently on blogs, more people are likely to notice you and visit your business blog. Secondly, the more people click on your site, the more Search Engines like Google will give you a better ranking. Other websites who “recognise” your site by permitting your link to appear is like Search Engine Code for “this is good, reliable content, people liked it enough to allow a link to it.”

So in this way, multiple incoming links doesn’t just direct users back to your site, it also helps to qualify your content as “authentic web content.”

Spammers/Hackers try to manipulate this rule by getting their links tucked between  crappy content. They’re hoping you’re reading your comments so fast, you don’t notice the damaging link they set up. But their site or content could be coming from an unreliable site, or  worse granting them control of your website. At best, an incoming link from a porn site wouldn’t be very good for your professional image.

The #1 thing to remember to deal with why spammers are targeting your business blog

Read all of your blog comments very carefully. If a business blog comment is not clearly from a person who is relating to specific points in your article–don’t approve the comment!

Protect your business blog from blog spam attacks

240px-No-spam.svg_1 Protect your business blog from blog spam attacks

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Eee…blog spam is raging online and sites are getting so badly hacked that you could lose control of your website–not to mention whatever income you have coming off of your business blog website.

Obviously, you need a good anti-spam software as a first step. (Askimet is an easy-to-install WordPress Plugin.)

As a second step, you should be assessing every comment posted on your blog before it’s posted. Why? Because spammers are constantly trying to get around anti-spam software. The best way to fully protect your business blog is to be weary of all incoming business blog comments.

BEWARE the spammers who are tricking anti-spam filters…

Now spammers are creating a string of seemingly-genuine comments. If you don’t read the comment carefully, you might think it’s genuine…and you might approve it. But unbeknownst to you, you’ve probably just allowed a very bad spammer unrestricted access to some of your best IP: your business blog.

One way you can pick a good comment from a spam comment is the generic nature of the comment. Unless someone is actually responding to particular points of your article, don’t allow their blog comment on your site. Something like,  “Hey, really interesting points. The article took me some time to read, but I liked your idea” is too generic to be a real person. It’s the sure sign of a spammer, so make sure you label these type of comments “spam” and finish them off by “deleting permanently.”

Next post, we’ll look at “Why are spammers so interested in posting comments on your blog?”

Not sure if a blog comment is authentic? Ask Tangible Words for a second opinion.

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