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Business Seminars in Ottawa on Website Copywriting, Business Blogging

With our business seminars on website copywriting, business blogging, and sales/e-newsletter copywriting in Toronto and Kingston being such a success, we have expanded to Ottawa. All business seminars in Ottawa will be located at the Ottawa City Hall on the Ground floor. Please see business seminar details below.


October 28th, 2:00pm – 3:00pm – Keys To A Better Sales Letter, and Enewsletters; FREE session Need to get in touch with new and existing clients? If you’re wondering what it takes to get prospects to respond to your letters and e-newsletters, learn it in this session. Create the campaign your clients want to grab onto, and gain the confidence that makes prospects listen. After this session, you’ll know how to: – learn how to write compelling email headlines that get opened – create a content plan your prospects crave – craft compelling offers that get noticed, and passed on. – To register please click here to sign up.


November 4th , 9:30am – 11:30am – How To Improve Your Website Content Today, And Build Your Business Your website is a powerful selling tool–or is it? Cost: $25 (This session was sold out in Toronto) Your website is a powerful selling tool–or is it? Learn 5 strategies (which you can immediately use on your website) to make your website content more customer-friendly. From understanding how people read online to sharing your expertise, let a literacy expert and website copywriter take you through what it takes to put your best foot forward online. After this session you’ll know: – what turns a website into a powerful sales tool – 5 key strategies to make your website attract more customers – how you can improve your website now. – To register please click here to sign up.


November 25th, 9:30am – 11:30am – Everything You Need To Know About Starting Your Business Blog Cost: $25.00 Finally, a chance to learn about business blogging (and create one!) in a single session. Here is all you need to know about what blogging can do for your business, and how to get started. Spend time in the workshop figuring out what you would write your business blog about, and leave with the simple steps to create one when you get back to the office. After this session you’ll know: – why a business blog is exactly what your customers seek – your blogging plan so you don’t run out of time or energy – the simple steps to creating your company blog now – To register please click here to sign up. No doubt there are businesses you know who need help with developing their key messages online, so invite them along. After all, your online presence is now a key sales force in establishing your expertise, fostering trust with prospects and nurturing a relationship with your customers.

How To Make Your Website Writing More Interesting

It used to be that colloquial language was frowned upon. Not so anymore.

IMG_3246-300x2257 How To Make Your Website Writing More Interesting

Website Copywriting helps you get picked from the bunch

In school, we were all taught to be formal content writers. But it doesn’t take long in the work force to realise you’ve left the world of academia far behind.

People want to be written to like you’re right in front of them. It’s more appealing because when language isn’t a barrier, no one is intimidated. If you want to make sure you’re website writing is attractive to your readers (and all business owners do), why not take a page out of the book of fiction writers.

3 Helpful Hints From Fiction To Use In Your Sales Copy

  • Start listening to speech in cafes, so you can focus on making your writing more ‘down to earth’.
  • Think more critically about blog articles, emails and magazine articles you read. What made them interesting to you? Adopt these strategies in your sales website copy and other materials.
  • Don’t be afraid to use slang. If you’d use it in speech, try using it in writing. Slang is familiar to everyone, and as long as you’re not being vague, it makes for faster reading. And everyone reads internet pages quickly.

If you’re still not sure, you are welcome to join us for one of our Business workshops: Starting your own Business blog, Improving your website content, Email Marketing, Presenting to your Clients and Colleagues, using copywriting techniques in Toronto, Ottawa, Bancroft, Kingston or Melbourne. Click here to register to attend one of our business workshops.