Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority

Strategic Communications Plan and Content Development Case Story

“It became clear that we needed to work with Tangible Words to help deliver our recently specified Communications Plan targets.” Suzanne McFarlane, Community Relations Coordinator, MVCA

Description of the Strategic Communications Project:

  • Development and delivery of a Strategic Communications Plan including a definition of target markets and an evaluation of internal and external feedback.
  • Creation of Information Architecture for website and articles.
  • Developed messages, delivered SEO copywriting for key pages and led internal drafting.
  • Developed and trained key individuals on Best Practices for: online writing; SEO campaigns; and WordPress Content Management Software tools.

Overall Approach:

The project had a phased approach utilizing Tangible Words’ Quality-Assured Process, which embeds checks and balances to ensure the achievement of each strategic objective.

Phase 1: Create Strategic Communications Plan for MVCA website.

Phase 2: Design Information Architecture of Website for user-friendly navigation.

Phase 3: Develop SEO Messages. Plan, develop and create Positioning, Branding and Direct Response messages on website pages.

Phase 4: Offer Workplace Training for Long-term, Sustainable, Strategic Communications in-house by MVCA staff.

Results Obtained:

  • Client very happy with achievement of Positioning, Branding and Direct Response in Website copy.
  • Webpages primed for future SEO campaigns and social media messages.
  • Web designer recommended and hired. New website launched in November 2013.
  • Communications program outlined for 2014.

“Tangible Words helped deliver our recent Communications Plan targets”

“Tangible Words led Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) on a project plan and calendar of events that was professional, organized, to-budget, always on-time, and often surpassed our expectations for product delivery.

It became clear that we needed to work with Tangible Words to help deliver our recently specified Communications Plan targets.

Tangible Words has always used both a short and long-term approach to our communication goals with every deliverable:

  • Evaluation of Original Website Content;
  • Creation and development of Website Communications Plan and Content Strategy;
  • Creation and development of an Information Architecture for content;
  • SEO Website Copywriting for entire website;
  • Staff training on WordPress

MVCA is already making plans with Tangible Words to develop and deliver our 2014 Strategic Communications mandate.”

Suzanne McFarlane, Community Relations Manager, MVCA