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“Tangible Words created the website content, and development…”

“Tangible Words was already supporting our parent organisation and made our new project a priority. Always conscientious of our budget lines and deadlines, Tangible Words advised on the website’s and social media content strategy; created the website content; and also designed and developed the website. Along the way we had to make strategic business decisions — Alysha’s expertise was an asset so our project could launch quickly and avoid delays. A significant value add to the project was the CMS training support and recommendation of complementary business applications.”
– Thomas McAuley-Biasi, Chair, Emerging Leaders for Biodiversity

Why You Need A Social Media Content Policy and Strategy

You can make your communication staff’s life easier, and more productive, by planning your social media marketing (SMM) process and implementation. There’s two elements to better SMM: your content strategy and your content policy.

A social media marketing content strategy helps you build your content inventory based on your long term goals, and makes sure these three content elements are represented in all content:

  1. What’s In It For Me (WIIFM) helps potential clients know right away how you can give them what they want;
  2. Search Engine Optimization keeping on top of Google standards to get found before your competition;
  3. Authentic content that show your expertise and makes consumers want to work with you based on the quality of your website messaging.

Once you have you content strategy in place, your policy sets the rules for your content expectations.

Your Social Media Content Policy is Your Content Playbook

The road to creating your Social Media Content Policy starts by getting everyone on board before you delve into writing your content. Do this and you won’t be slowed down by disagreement during the creative process. And, staff will have rules to follow to keep them in line and accountable for creating the content that best serves your business purpose.

Your social media content policy is your contingency plan so you’re prepared for busy times when creating content slides down the priority list. You can create your content inventory based on predefined goals like:

  • what you’re going to talk about,
  • how frequently you’ll post, and,
  • how much you want to say.

Plus, you’ll get everyone one board with the same message should you have to respond to difficult subjects or comments from users. You might have to share content that could be a Public Relations nightmare. If you’re ready to respond positively you can use negative publicity to your advantage.

Find out more about making the most of your social media marketing to build your business online.

Find Out Who’s Using Social Media & What Your Consumers Want To See Online

Did you know that by spending as little as six hours a week, 66% of marketers see lead generation benefits with social media. (Hubspot 2016). When you download this infographic you can use facts to guide your social media content strategy and increase your online traffic. 4ba23fbb-e8b7-4e88-b0e6-f7d8a270b89a Why You Need A Social Media Content Policy and StrategyTo help demystify social media, you’ll learn:

  • What consumers want to see online,
  • Who’s using social media to make buying decisions,
  • What’s content is shared the most.

Tangible Words takes part in the Ontario East Municipal Conference

Tangible Words will be presenting at the annual Ontario East Municipal Conference (OEMC) in Kingston, Ontario on September 9th & 10th, 2014.

Session #1:  Social Media Content Strategy

Date/Time: Tuesday September 9, 1:45 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.
Description: Your company’s approach to social media is pivotal to your online marketing success. Stop rushing onto the bandwagon and learn the keys to first improving your website so you can strengthen your social media marketing.

  1. Phase 1 of your content strategy and marketing plan must be to make your website awesome.
  2. Learn the other step everyone mistakenly skips: Phase 2 of effective social media marketing is to create a content strategy for ONE social media platform and decide how you will use that social media tool (i.e. what kind of content will be relevant to share, what audiences are you hoping to attract, and how will you define success?)
  3. Phase 3 is about your content policy (how frequently will you post, who will be responsible, what kind of account you will set up, etc.)

Let’s get you ready to rock social media marketing to build relationships, foster trust, and prove your expertise.

Session #2: Blogging for Business

Date/Time: Wednesday September 10, 3:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m
Description: Google’s 2013 algorithm release changed the internet: updated, frequent content is now the ultimate factor in website rank. The solution is storing your website information in Blog Posts – and the days of blogging about your breakfast are long over.  Come investigate what blogging can do for your administrative, awareness and engagement goals so you can start offering content that attracts your prospects. Shed some light on what to use your website blog by looking at Case Studies from similar organisations and how a blogging content strategy will reduce all the risks of using a blog on your site.

Your Presenter: Alysha Dominico, Founder and CEO Tangible Words Ltd.

Alysha-bw-web-e1287313056736 Tangible Words takes part in the Ontario East Municipal ConferenceAlysha Dominico, CEO & Founder of Tangible Words helps attract more business and attention to your community by making your website sales-ready for your inbound and outbound reps – as well as all of your strategic communication channels.


Tangible Words develops communications plans and content strategies, writes website content for sales-focussed companies, creates Website and Intranet best practice guides,  and trains your in-house communications staff to excel at online writing. Tangible Words has over 25 years of experience helping SMEs, non-profit corporations and government departments across Australia and Canada communicate with their audience in more [Tangible] words.


Starting her professional life as a Literacy Expert and Senior English teacher, Alysha understands how people read online, is an excellent team facilitator and knows how to edit your idea flow to get strategic communication projects off the ground.