“They developed the Content Strategy for my Company Facebook Page…”

“Tangible Words helped me develop the Content Strategy for my Company Facebook Page. I received a meaningful, sustainable method that will help me start delivering content my target audiences want to read (and which  has increased impact with my clients) – instead of just re-posting content by default without an objective-focused strategy. It was a joy to do the session and get the direction and help I needed.

The Tangy Words crew is very approachable and I’ll continue to seek out their advice. “

“Tangible Words determined SEO website content needed to help us…”

“Tangible Words’ after-sales support is exceptional. Creating a new website for our customers that met modern expectations was a big job. Tangible Words led us through the process – they really got to know our company, and then conceptualised what our website should offer our clients. Next they determined the architecture of the content to help us with SEO and long-term user-friendly navigation. Tangible Words also recommended a Content Management System (WordPress) that gave us more control over our content, and a web developer we could work with. Finally, Tangible Words’ copywriters wrote the website content in accordance with how people read online, and how search engines read our site. Now we’re ranking in first position on Search Engine pages.”

– Theresa Nelson, Owner, ProgressiveTraining.Ca (Priority Management Franchisee)

Why do people care about testimonials?

Are business testimonials important to your prospects?

We have discovered the best way to get testimonials for your business; but our clients often ask, “how important are testimonials anyway?”

You might be leery of collecting testimonials because the word “testimonial” brings up uncomfortable feelings for you. True, the word “testimonial” sounds like something “almighty” and religious–and most people are wary of being religious in a business environment. But beyond this argument, there is much stronger reason for collecting testimonials (or “recommendations” as Linked In more aptly calls the valuable process).

With so much competition and many businesses unfortunately claiming the same old boring thing on their website (if they can’t afford a copywriter, or haven’t considered using one yet) offering prospects “customer insight” into your business is a powerful way to give a true perspective on your company.

Sure, businesses always choose their best clients to provide a testimonial: but does this make it less real? Not really, the information is still true since these clients did have a good experience; clients aren’t going to lie.

Testimonials can substantiate claims that are otherwise hard to prove. A prospect’s insight on a company’s professionalism, affordability, timing and even, personality, helps potential clients get a better picture (and feel more safe) about choosing to work with your company.

Thus, testimonials can encourage a purchase by helping the prospect move more comfortably along their decision making path.

Besides, customers will talk about a company in an anecdotal (story) way, which is more interesting to read than the unfortunate academic style of writing you may mistakenly be showcasing on your first website. (Ask for a Website Content Audit if you’re guilty of not understanding how people read online!)

Now we know, you may feel sheepish about asking for a Testimonial, and even when you do ask, your clients simply feel “too busy” (or “too stressed to have to write something down about you!”).

So to take the pressure off of everyone, we offer a “Testimonial Collection Service”  to our website copywriting clients. Often this service lends itself to easily creating  case stories, and samples, further giving prospects a comfortable window ledge to sit on as they view your company before making a purchasing decision.

Don’t give up on having client recommendations or testimonials on your website – if you use them, you’ll already be turning your website into more powerful sales tool.

(P.S. You and your team can further learn how to turn your website into a powerful sales tool in the Website Content Workshop – yes Tangible Words run it at your headquarters – call Vicky toll-free on 1 855 287 3311 to organise.)

How to get Testimonials for Your Business

Because we’re living in a cynical shopping age, Testimonials on your website have become more important. Your copywriting firm (all over the world-Melbourne to Toronto) knows this, but do you?

Unfortunately, the term “testimonial” tends to connote (disdainfully, for some audiences) an image of a preacher thumping some holy writ text and declaring evidence for his deity. That’s not the kind of testimonial I mean.

Testimonials should be given by customers to companies. Testimonials  create trust with your audience as they show the typical experience your customer has with your company. By nature, testimonials should never be purchased, but given sincerely.

Why do testimonials create trust with strangers?

Because, like the rating system on E-Bay, testimonials in your SEO website copy show evidence for people’s experience working with you.

Do you always have to have a testimonial?

You should be building evidence throughout your entire website copy. It’s no longer good enough to have unsubstantiated claims in any of your sales and marketing copy.

Unfortunately, because we grew up learning to write in an academic culture (and few can claim that they mastered it) customers aren’t’ always able to write meaningful testimonials for us. And you don’t want to have a whole bunch of testimonials just saying the same thing, or being “fluffy”: which is, to say something that doesn’t really tell the stranger on your website much about what it is like to really work with you.

How to get testimonials for your business you want instead of “fluff”:

  1. Write what you’d like them to say, and get them to sign off. Time and use of language are not always available to the customer so writing someone meaningful about your work together is often more expedient.
  2. Have an external party Interview your clients with a set of questions. Make sure that external party is qualified to ask the right questions so that when your customer gives a “fluffy” answer, they are able to help the customer clarify what they meant.
  3. Order the Testimonial Collection Service from Tangible Words (yes, we do #1 and #2 as well as integrate evidence meaningfully into your website copy)