Topsy Farms

SEO Copywriting Immediately Increased Online Store Sales By 340%

Topsy Farms had a website, an online store, a hearty blog, and an engaged audience; but online store sales were lower than they wanted.

The SEO Copywriting Process:

Tangible Words conceptualized their messaging and then used SEO Copywriting on their homepage copy using a Quality Assured Process.

The Online Store Sales Results:

Online store sales increased by 340% immediately, and the Topsy Farms website started ranking first organically on major search engines for a key competitive term.

Topsy-Farms-Case-Story SEO Copywriting Immediately Increased Online Store Sales By 340%

Next, Tangible Words Helped Double Topsy Farm’s Revenue:

Topsy Farms engaged Tangible Words for a content partnership: the subsequent sales and promotional strategy, and training work, doubled Topsy Farms’ revenue for the year.

Topsy Farms’ owners have consistently named Tangible Words—including in this CBC interview—as the reason for their sudden and consistent increase in success.

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Use Your Website Words To Sell Your Business Online

Your website words tell your business story, make it a short story, but a good one. You can’t sell your product on witty banter and video alone—though they do enhance your website words. Make your website purpose obvious and don’t rely on video to communicate. Think about how your website words attract your potential clients, keep them on your website, and lead them to complete an action like a sale. Let them know right away what problem you can solve for them and put the decision to buy up front. Consumers want to know: What’s In It For Me (WIIFM).

Sometimes your industry speak can alienate those consumers who need your product but aren’t familiar with the technical terms or the jargon that goes with it. Where you can use this language is on your blogs and articles that support your business’s online reputation but don’t complicate your copywritten website words.

Here’s Some Tips to Remember When You’re Writing Your Website Words:

Topsy-Farms Use Your Website Words To Sell Your Business Online“Online Sales increased 340%”. Topsy Farms worked with Tangible Words to fix their homepage and make their website words improve their sales. Find out how Topsy Farms’ website improved.

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  • SEO Website Copywriting
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ce92c59e-9d2f-433f-9a4c-da82a5c78f8c Use Your Website Words To Sell Your Business Online

“Tangible Words developed a Communications Plan and Content Strategy”

“Ever since I attended a Tangible Words workshop, I’ve been impressed—and relieved—to have found an organisation who really understands our needs; from offering workshop accessibility options to using a process that really allows Tangible Words to have a solid sense of who we are as a company.

Our biggest problem was trying to improve our website to increase sales. Tangible Words’ SEO consultations about our blog work was vital – we learned all the things we were missing out on and how to really turn the blog into a user-friendly sales tool. We had been doing a good job of creating content in house, but without Tangible Words’ help, we didn’t know how to leverage our internal content creation so that the site offered more than an article database for customers.

The new SEO website copywriting Tangible Words created for our site, and their liaison with our web developer, is also getting us the results we needed. Now people get the purpose and benefits of our products within the first 3 seconds they are on the site. As a result, not only are people finding our company website more readily, we’re getting more website inquiries, and best of all — we’re making 3 to 4 times more sales each week!

Our next steps? Tangible Words is now developing a long-term Communications Plan and Content Strategy for our company, and will provide monthly marketing support through a Content Partnership so we can continue to grow at this awesome rate.

Update: “Our Online Sales have increased 340% since Tangible Words helped us with our website copywriting!”

– Sally Bowen, Manager, Topsy Farms

What ROI You Can Expect From Tangible Words Website Copywriting?

  1. Reassure prospects you’re the right choice with USP-focused website copywriting.
    “We’re making 3 to 4 times more sales each week – our online sales have increased 340%!Topsy Farms.
  2. Become top of mind with your customers and prospects: offer content across multiple channels.
    “Now we have expertise, a road map, and someone achieving project momentum, even through difficult times.” CMC Microsystems.
  3. Stay relevant to search engines so you’re found faster. 
    Our Website is on page 1 on Google. I have been getting inquiries from there! – Reliance Recoveries.