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Stop Losing Business Online – Here’s How

Dated content, underwhelming functionality and hard to find information can turn off your potential customers, especially from first time visitors to your website. Thankfully, there is a website content strategy you can use to stop losing business online.

Five Actions So You Stop Losing Business Online

It takes a time commitment but you’ll save hours of wheel spinning if you follow these principles to stop losing business online. You won’t have to rebuild your website every two years unless your business or your audience has changed.

Because your website is your business storefront use a website content strategy to attract and retain your customers, and:

  1. Create a document that thoroughly and simply describes who you are, what you do, who you’re target audience is and how you plan to reach them. It’s this Content Plan/Content Strategy that’s the foundation for managing your content long term.
  2. Once you know what you want to say you’ve got to help users find it. An Information Architecture is a plan that lays out the best design for ease of use and sales conversion. Using an IA, all you have to do is slot fresh content—like blogs, offers and calls to action—into predefined spaces. No extra thinking required.  
  3. Search engines, like Google, change how they rank your website all the time. Website SEO Copywriting makes sure your business is consistently defined throughout your content to keep you relevant and valid online. Effective SEO means your business shows up at the top of search results giving you an edge over your competitors.  
  4. Plan your content so you can keep up with the demand for fresh information. List the new content like blogs and newsletters you’re going to need over a period of time. Then create it ahead of time or pay for website copywriting. This way you’re not stressed to update your site when you’re busy fulfilling all your other obligations.
  5. Use your content to nurture a relationship with your users. Website copywriting helps you strategically provide information that is both useful and shows your knowledge of your product or service. Build on a foundation of information (Pillar Content) that defines the essentials of your business and your philosophy. Continually pair Pillar Content with new information to keep loyal audiences interested yet fully inform new visitors to your website.

Website Copywriting Ensures All Your Content Is Used & Keeps Your Design In Check

Make sure you do a content plan first so you’re not rethinking space and placement when you’re in the design phase. When you define your content first you avoid it being vetoed by your design team. Work together with your designer to create a website you’re both pleased with. Why? Because when you invest in content and it gets slashed to fit the design:

  • # 1 you’ve wasted money having it created (you’ve probably paid by the unit), and;
  • #2 your audience won’t benefit from all the information defined in your content strategy as essential.

There are ways to make sure your website is performing well as how people use websites changes over time. A/B (or split) testing lets you compare two versions of your website to see which one performs better. And, you can check your analytics in 6 months to get a clearer picture of what’s working and what’s not. Make necessary changes then, based on facts rather than preconceived notions.

Talk to Alysha, a website copywriting expert, to find out how your website is performing right now. A website consultation and content audit report will determine where you can improve your content and design.

Ever Wondered How to Fix Your Website the Right Way! Free Infographic

Most people are dissatisfied with their website, but they mistakenly blame it on the design.

Improve your website: Stay relevant, get found, be awesome.

  • Identify: what should be on your website?
  • Index and organize your content for user-friendly (and strategic) experiences.
  • SEO Website Copywriting
  • Provide Content over the next 12 months

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Good Copywriting Adapts Your Online Content For Mobile Ranking

The more things change the more they stay the same. Take Google’s Mobile Ranking algorithm that came into effect in April 2015. It caused some trepidation (there was a fear that websites not optimized for mobile devices—responsive—would be banished by Google). Turns out, not so much.

But, your rankings are impacted. Your business will still be recognized for your other efforts for searchability and relevance like posting quality content (this is the content that promotes your business organically because it’s true and plentiful).

So while mobile ranking won’t completely tank your reputation, it’s a good idea to ensure your site is responsive (readable on any mobile format). Your website developer can do this or DYIers can use Content Management System plug-ins like WP Touch to easily offer their website viewable on smartphones (the algorithm isn’t applied to tablets and doesn’t affect your desktop ranking).

So where does professional copywriting fit into the mobile ranking mix if it’s so simple to meet the requirements?

Well, even though your site is responsive, its language and ease of use might not win with users. The fundamental principles of copywriting hold true whether you’re reading it on a large screen or your smartphone. That’s why planning your online content for mobile ranking around your users’ wants, needs and habits is still, and will always be, essential to your success online.

When reading online people can be impatient, easily distracted (squirrel!) and repeatedly interrupted when using their smartphones. You’ve got to capture their attention long enough to make a memorable connection and sales conversion. Here’s how you make it easy for them.

3 Timeless Copywriting Rules For Optimum Online Content For Mobile Ranking

Secrets to successful online business always comes back to content. Always. Slick development alone won’t make someone buy especially if they’re not really sure what you’re selling. Though great looking, functional websites combined with genuine, well planned content is a powerful sales tool.

  1. Simple language—When the squirrels are racing there’s not a lot of time or energy for users to interpret your website language. Write in a way people understand, lose the “insider” speak and make comprehension easy. Less words also means less scrolling. Get out what you need to say in the header and first (only?) paragraph so you’re not abandoned for a less time consuming competitor site.
  2. WII.FM (What’s In It For Me)—Your potential consumers want to know how you’re business is going to make their life better, solve their problems or fulfill their needs. It all about them whether they have the time to peruse your website on a large screen or they’re looking for you business now, right now, on their smartphone.
  3. Call To Action—Give clear direction, always. Tell your consumers the next step they need to take to get what they want based on your offer, incentive, and call to action.  Once they’ve decided they like what they see, make it easy for them to follow through with a purchase or a connection.

These three copywriting essentials work for content read on your desktop, your smartphone, your tablet, in your brochures and your ads (carved in stone, tapped out in Morse Code…). You get it.

Get your business on Page 1 in Google search—for desktop and mobile.

Find out how your website is fairing online right now and improve it for mobile ranking? Book your website content audit and consultation with Alysha right now.

Want to find out more about how to attract and keep clients?

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ff0f51b6-d632-4373-9bc6-95a733d196ae Good Copywriting Adapts Your Online Content For Mobile Ranking

Your Website Content Best Practices Guide

Your website is a lot of work. It has to stay fresh if you want to keep on top of your online market. But a lot of work doesn’t mean insurmountable, so don’t give up and let your content go stale. A simple guide and plan will help you know what to do and how to do it, consistently. So you can keep meeting the online needs of your consumers.

A Website Content Best Practices Guide is your go-to document for making sure your website content continues to give you the best return on your website investment.  Even better, you can pass the website updating tasks onto others in the office and know the style and message remains consistent. So go ahead, plan that vacation.

Website-Content-Best-Practices-Guide-300x195 Your Website Content Best Practices GuideThe “best” thing about your Best Practices Guide is you’re not creating it yourself. Tangible Words can compile this information for you in an easy to follow reference package, as part of your content partnership. You can get a Best Practices Guide to culminate your website content strategy and implementation process. It’ll keep you on track so you don’t lose the benefits of your content management efforts, after you’ve launched your site and you’re on your own.


Your Website Content Best Practices Guide Helps You Manage Your Online Content in 3 Ways:

  1. It’ll keep you organized. When helping plan your website content Tangible Words creates an information architecture that tells you what goes where on your website from placing your copy to choosing the right links and share buttons for your needs. Your guide will also help you sort your copy for optimum user searches, like assigning categories and tags, and keeping your language SEO compliant.
  2. It’ll keep your pages clean. Have you ever visited a website and been so overwhelmed by the conflicting colours, unreadable fonts, and bad image quality that you’ve left it, regardless of the business’s potential to give you what you want? Your Best Practices Guide includes a Style Guide to makes sure your content is laid out to meet the way users read online (like what heading type, font style or body text size to use).
  3. It’ll show you how to use your platform. Depending on the content management system, like WordPress, you use, the Best Practices Guide will help you navigate the dashboard so you know where to make your changes.  This limits the risk of you making changes in the wrong spot and potentially messing up the site (believe me it can happen easily and cause some stress).   

Your website content best practices guide also helps you choose how to share your content with your target audience online like Social Media, a Business blog and E-Newsletters.

Website etiquette can change and we keep up with it so you don’t have to. There’s proper ways to do things like adding content, or managing links, even when to use different types of content (that are kind of the same but not) see blogs vs. articles.  

Depending on whether or not you use a Content Management System in-house or you contract your website out to a developer, guidelines make sure everyone is contributing to the website consistently. Find out how your Best Practices Guide fits with your website content needs.

Rebuilding Your Website? Get Ready With This Free Website Design Checklist

Make Your Website Content and Design Process Easier For Your Staff

Use this checklist so you know what your website needs to boost sales BEFORE you start rebuilding your website. It’ll save you time, money and aggravation and guarantee you’ll attract more customers online.

Download this Website Design Checklist and you’ll know:

  • Must haves for website sales success
  • Content Must Have’s
  • Who does what, when & how
  • Website Upkeep
  • How to manage images & text

    419d15fd-a65b-4dab-8812-7202202e9b73 Your Website Content Best Practices Guide

How Website Copywriting Can Get Your Ottawa Business Noticed

In Ottawa, your target audience is ripe for your business, problem is, they might find your competitors first. And, you’ll always have competition whether you’re a leading high tech firm, government support agency, tourism operator, or financial advisor. Even non-profit organizations need to market because they’re competing for supporters of their cause.

But you know you’re better than your competition, right? How? You need to articulate exactly what makes you better. Once you’ve defined your unique selling proposition, use your website content to tell people about it and how your business benefits them. That’s the crux of copywriting and why you need to think about the copywriting return on investment for your Ottawa business.

Here’s 3 Ways Website Copywriting Helps You Do More Ottawa Business (or Wherever You Operate)

  1. Well planned website content uses keywords to trigger search engine optimization (SEO) so online searches for your services will place your Ottawa business near or at the top of search results. When consumers see you first they know you must be the best option for exactly what they’re looking for (and Google makes sure you’ve got the website content to prove it).
  2. Using simple language ensures your consumers will understand what you’re offering, especially if they don’t know anything about your service. Objective website copywriters cut to the chase without getting bogged down in industry jargon (this can be challenging for insiders because it’s difficult to break away from your language comfort zone). Making consumers feel more confident, not stupid, when making a purchase decision is a nod in your favour.
  3. Your website is more than information storage, it is your online sales force. You can use it to inform and help your consumers get what they want—from you. Use the right language to give consumers a reason to get in touch, right now. People are more apt to do something when they’re given some direction and it’s easy for them to do (simple language + one click=mission accomplished).

While you’re thinking about how you can fit professional website copywriting into your budget, remember this: your website copy is not “Rah Rah, look at us!” It’s “Hey, here’s what we do that’s exactly what you’re looking for, let’s talk”.

No confusing BS language that doesn’t tell your consumers anything. Tell it like it is, and if they want what you offer they’ll call; if they don’t, you’d never get their business anyway.

You’re welcome.

Tangible Words does business across Canada and abroad in Australia, and we’ve set up shop in Ottawa too. Contact Alysha to get personalized and professional content management and website copywriting services from people operating in your area.

How Could Your Website Get More Qualified Leads?  This 30-minute Website Sales Health Assessment Will Tell You.

  • Learn 3 ways to increase traffic to your specific website.
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47280627-5a79-4f80-99c3-6b319b6ee72f How Website Copywriting Can Get Your Ottawa Business Noticed

” I appreciate you completing my website copywriting project.”

“Tangible Words has been very helpful in being part of my Business Vision Team.

Alysha, I appreciate you completing my website copywriting project, in spite of going through the last stages of pregnancy, childbirth, taking care of a newborn and the rest of your family. Remarkable is a word that does not fully describe what you can accomplish. So thank you for your professional interest and support for Elizabeth Hesp Fine Art. Much appreciated!”

Helpful Website Content Lets Prospects Find What They’re Looking For

First off, do you know what your prospects are looking for? If you do, you need to ensure your website purpose is obvious.

If you don’t know what your prospects are looking for you need to figure it out. Then you start adding content to your website. Webpages full of information that doesn’t answer a question, solve a problem or prompt an action is not helpful to your customers and won’t help you convert a site visit into a sale. Part of your content strategy should be to provide more details about what you have to offer with blogs and articles that tie into your helpful content plan and don’t rely on text heavy, static webpages.

Start Your Helpful Website Content “Must Have” List By Answering These Questions:

  1. What is the problem you are solving for your prospects? People are looking for you online for a reason, understand what it is and define it clearly on your website homepage.
  2. What do your customers always call you for? If your prospects are continually looking for the same answers things like, prices, service options, or delivery schedules put that information on your website. If they want your product they’ll be in touch, if they don’t you’re both saving time and effort on a non-sale.
  3. What are the simplest terms you can use to talk about your industry? Use simple language to promote your product online that won’t alienate prospects. Don’t frustrate potential buyers because they don’t get your industry “speak”.

When you’ve established your helpful website content needs you can start creating the content for your website. Use an editorial calendar to automate your helpful website content; it makes it so much easier to keep up with your prospects’ needs. Planning your website content ahead means you spend less time updating your online sales tools.

If you’re launching your first business website or thinking about updating it, be mindful of these 6 strategies for good website design. And, remember don’t throw away your website investment by not using it to maximize your sales potential long term.

Even better,  find out how Tangible Words can take care of all your website content needs from content planning to an information architecture, and even do all the copywriting!

Interested in learning more on how to fix your website content to attract investors?

Download “How To Fix Your Website Content To Attract Investors To Your Canadian Economic Region” and learn:

  • How to use your website to build your relationship with your target audience.
  • Understand What Your Website is Communicating When You’re Not Around.
  • Why Your Website Turns People Away, And What To Do About It…
  • The 3 Reasons Investors will choose you.
e0adb2f4-daa2-4d9a-9bf6-be2141e84f2f Helpful Website Content Lets Prospects Find What They’re Looking For

Writing Your Website Content In A Way People Can Understand

To get started writing your website content in a way people understand, you must leave your ego at the door.

Yes, your business might be complex and difficult to explain and many highly trained people do very technical work for you. You still need to write your content to get the result you’re looking for, like more business.

“Let’s be clear, using simple language doesn’t simplify the work you do and the effort you put into it, it just gets the message out clearly so others can be impressed with you too.”

Sometimes, as a communications expert, your biggest obstacle for accepting this style of writing can be your colleagues. They are comfortable with the technical jargon and maybe feel that there is no other way to explain the organization. While these feeling are valid, it’s your job to keep your staff involved in the website content conversation so they’ll understand the process and see the positive results.

Many of your website readers will not be experts in your business.  Keep your webpages simple and save the big words for articles to complement the core page content. Articles are an opportunity for you and your staff to write more technical and sector-specific information for those who want more details.

Your Experts Know Their Stuff, But Can They Write Content For Your Website?

Subject matter experts (SMEs) are your best source of accurate information to explain your business and promote your successes. But, if you’re relying on them to create content for your website they need to know how to write online. And by writing we mean write to influence and inform not to fill pages of technical jargon for fellow SMEs. You want the words to speak to regular folk to help them to understand what you do and what you want them to do; like buy now or fill out an application or make a donation.

Great news, it’s an easy fix to help your staff write better to improve your website content with simple language.

Does Your Sector Specific Jargon Get Lost in Translation?

It’s like the game “Telephone”. You start out with a phrase and whisper it along the line until the last person has to repeat it out loud. Usually the words bear little semblance to what they were when the game started. The same holds true if your readers are always trying to interpret your language. A perfectly good paragraph, written with the best of intentions, can lead to misunderstanding and frustration.  Use simple, straightforward and understandable words when writing content online. If you don’t they’ll fill in the gaps of what they don’t understand with what they do. And, it might not be close to what you were trying to say.

Bonus Tip: use acronyms sparingly. Yes, you may need to use acronyms occasionally but remember acronyms mean different things to different people and can interrupt the flow of a sentence. You can get your message across without them. Copywriters can help you clarify the language.

Just Tell It Like It Is: Use Facts On Your Homepage To Promote Your Company’s Features & Benefits

When editing copywritten pages we often ask, Is that true? Using definitive words and actual numbers helps to paint a picture of your organization’s benefits. When you use vague words, you aren’t as accountable for what you’re saying. Avoid having to explain to your clients what you really meant; drop true facts and figures throughout the copy. It helps prove you’re legitimate, plus, impressive numbers make great headlines attracting positive attention as soon as readers open the webpage.

Want to see this work right away? Get your company homepage rewritten here.

And, one final note for successful website content: be proud of who you are.

Astute readers can tell if you’re being insincere in your online writing. So, show your confidence in what your organization does with the words you use. Using vague language as a way to soften the impact of what some people don’t like about your organization can backfire on you. Making readers feel stupid because they can’t figure out who you are or what you’re asking from them will not endear them to you.  Help people understand by consistently using simple language online and in your other promotional materials.  It might not convince them to like your organization, but it will help them accept it.

Find out if your website is worth the 3 seconds it takes for users to stay or move on?

Ever Wondered How to Fix Your Website the Right Way! Free Infographic

Most people are dissatisfied with their website, but they mistakenly blame it on the design. Improve your website: Stay relevant, get found, be awesome.

  • Identify: what should be on your website?
  • Index and organize your content for user-friendly (and strategic) experiences.
  • SEO Website Copywriting
  • Provide Content over the next 12 months
ce92c59e-9d2f-433f-9a4c-da82a5c78f8c Writing Your Website Content In A Way People Can Understand

Non-Profit Organization Marketing – Reach Your Target Audience

Working in communications for a non-profit organization can be very rewarding. You get to spend your days promoting a cause like your community, your environment, or your health.

Keeping your non-profit organization marketing relevant can be very challenging. You get to spend your days trying to reach a broad audience while overcoming money constraints, and limited staff and time.

Find The Balance Between The Rewards And Challenges Of Non-Profit Organization Marketing. Here’s 3 Ways To Get Started:

  1. Reconfirm Your Target Audience So Your Efforts are Not Wasted

    No amount of great content can combat the apathy of people who truly don’t care about it, so reach those who do. You may think you know your audience because you’ve been doing this for a while or it’s “obvious” the demographic you’re trying to reach. Truth is things change. Renew your organizations’ vision of who your audience really is. Then make sure they’re receiving the marketing materials that you’ve been working so hard to create.

  2. Plan Your Website Content To Meet Your Timelines

    Have you ever sent your newsletter out two weeks late rendering your “news” obsolete? Sending out old news can hurt your future marketing efforts whether it’s on time or not. Regularly scheduled content like e-newsletters, social media updates, or business blogs helps instill audience confidence in your message. Give the impression that your good communication management is a reflection of how well your organization is run.Schedule your content needs just like you would your annual fundraiser to do’s or your board meeting agendas. Content planning prepares you for what messages need to go out and when, letting you dedicate time to organize, write and review it so you can avoid hasty releases leading to embarrassing mistakes.

  3. Get Help From Professional Website Copywriters

    Do you ever feel that your coworkers don’t “get” what you’re doing and how it impacts your organization? Or you don’t have the staff to help you generate the content to keep your marketing active? Getting help to maximize your content not only helps you take control of your marketing needs, it connects you with communication peers who do understand what you’re working towards and the challenges you face.

Content writers, like Tangible Words staff, make sure they understand your organization and use your ideas effectively when helping with writing, planning or organizing your content.  Plus, we understand that budgets weigh heavily on decisions to pay for help outside the organization. Find out what your return on investment is when seeking the help of content planners and writing professionals.

As A Non-Profit Organization Marketer Remember These 3 Things:

  1. You are selling something whether it’s support for an idea, a reason to donate, or a call to action—sales copywriting tools do work for you too.
  2. There’s always competition—get your message heard, repeatedly, so you’re not forgotten.
  3. Small marketing budgets can get the results you need—it’s up to you to choose your communication investment wisely.

Interested in Starting Twitter for Your Organization? Free Infographic

Learn all the steps to get started with Twitter PLUS:

  • What you could start tweeting about;
  • Mastery Twitter tips
  • Glossary of key Twitter terms.
3a76f1bd-fae8-479e-86f6-b559479cbafc Non-Profit Organization Marketing - Reach Your Target Audience

How to Seamlessly Fit New Content into Your Website Design

Finally, you’re done. You’ve launched your website with all the important content so people know who you are and what you offer and how they can buy it. Now you can move forward and work on running the actual business so well represented online. No need to fuss with the website again for a while, right? What about any new content into your website design?

But wait, there’s some new stuff happening: your year-end event is coming up and there’s a new product you’d like to feature, plus your Facebook contest was really popular and you’d like to highlight that to promote new business. So, maybe your developer could find some space on your home page and drop in a link to a PDF or your social media pages and it’s done. You could do it that way, but it’s not the best use of your developer’s time nor will it help you get noticed online (which is really the point of keeping your website content fresh).

Don’t waste the energy to create new online content and not get the most out of it as a marketing tool.

Add New Content into Your Website Design Easily With a Plan

Unique website content is an effective way to ensure you get noticed first online by casual searchers plus, it keeps your loyal customers coming back to your site to see what’s new.

Adding new content, with no plan, runs the risk of it getting lost in your current layout or taking away from more relevant content. This is where defined website content information architecture and content planning helps you manage and post new content quickly with minimal disturbance to your core site and less pressure on you and your staff to generate content when you’re busy with other work.

Use These Tools to Plan For and Add New Content to Your Website Design

  • Use a website template that offers plug-ins to manage content from various sources and highlights new and popular posts without displacing important static content.
  • Use an editorial calendar for pre-planned content you want to add to your site at regular intervals. You and your staff can draft and save post content during slow periods and schedule them for timely launches when the information is relevant without the rush.
  • Use trained copywriters to not only plan your content, but write it for you too. If you’d rather your staff spend their time doing what they’re good at instead of trying to write new content and ensure the website remains dynamic, you can get help from trained copywriters who’ll write and help manage it for you.

Thorough website planning and content management strategies implemented pre-launch is the most effective way to make sure you content stays current and your time is well spent. But, if you’re not ready for a website rewrite you can better understand how you can improve it with a website content audit and consultation. You’ll find out how your website can be improved to enhance your customers’ experiences and increase sales.

Contact Tangible Words to get your website content audit started today.

You can also help your team become better writers and create high quality content for your website.

What’s The Secret To Keeping A Blog Healthy, Active and Vital to Your Online Marketing Strategy?

Also Learn the 3 Step Process on How to Start Your Business Blog by downloading this free e-book. PLUS, 5 Ways to Further Improve your Business Blog.

a2b41184-3e24-41a2-9a32-f80953cd38e0 How to Seamlessly Fit New Content into Your Website Design

Have Your Company Website Homepage Rewritten Today:

Having a Hard Time Writing Your Company Website Homepage? You’re Not Alone.

You want user-friendly organization so your customers have a positive experience on your website. Plus, you need compelling website content so your business ranks higher on online search results. Tangible Words does all this for you with SEO Website Copywriting.

3 Reasons Professional SEO Website Copywriting on Your Company Homepage Will Help Increase Online Sales:

  1. Get Your Message Out Faster: Your new website content is done in *5 days or less (100% guaranteed) so your brand is no longer plagued by sub-par messages.
  2. Make a better impression: Tangible Words’ Quality-Assured Website Copywriting Process makes sure your website content explains why you’re the best choice, guaranteeing you’ll increase online sales.
  3. Stay Front of Mind: Get more out of your website investment by staying ontrack, ongoing with a content partnership that makes it easier for you to attract qualified inbound leads and increase your online sales.

“As a result of the new SEO website homepage copywriting , not only are people finding our company website more readily, we’re getting more website inquiries, and best of all — we’re making 3 to 4 times more sales each week!” – Sally Bowen, Manager, Topsy Farms. Read more Client Feedback.


homepage-rewrite1 Have Your Company Website Homepage Rewritten Today:

“Our website is now on Page 1 on Google for Debt Collection Victoria. I have been getting inquiries from there, so that is really great. Thanks heaps.” —Donna Smith, CEO, Reliance Recoveries. See More Case Stories.

Order Your SEO Copywritten Company Website Homepage Today For $400 Now So Next Week You Can Sell $1200!

Each website page is copywritten in 5 business days or it’s FREE! What do you have to lose? Let’s get you selling.

A Compelling Reason Why People Buy Your Company’s Product & Services

Simon Sinek (in his famous “Golden Circle Ted Talk) says people don’t buy your company’s “what” or “how” but the “why you do what you do” – it’s this compelling reason that makes companies stand out amongst all competition.

Here Tangible Words’ CEO and founder Alysha Dominico explains Tangible Words’ “Why we do what we do”.

In 2015, all shoppers of any service or product is an Internet user.

Statistical analysis of website user habits has established that close to 90% of these shoppers are looking on websites – particularly yours and review blogs – to assess your company BEFORE entering into a sales conversation—a huge number of steps before making a purchasing decision.

What Can We Conclude About This In Terms of How You Market Yourself in 2015?

Most of your prospects would rather read about you first and talk to a sales rep on the phone second.

You know how it is: when you are just learning about a company or service, you want to wrap your head around what’s possible before you have the head space to come up with intelligent questions.

You don’t want to risk waiting in queues (whether on the phone, in a store, or in a chat room) to talk to a sales person unless you are prepared to have that conversation.

Being prepared for that call is all about being able to get in and quickly ask your questions so that you don’t waste your time (or theirs).

If people want to read about you more than talk to you (at least in the initial stages of the customer decision making cycle and customer life cycle) then that means you had better give them enough information about yourself, your products and your services so that they can move through your web of content at a pace and depth of information that they prefer. This is the absolute value and need to satisfy what Aaron Ross calls the third key to sales: inbound marketing.  

Content marketing is all about improving the decision making process, making it easier for your prospects – and your customers.

If you aren’t using your website to provide the information your prospect seeks: you simply aren’t doing your best to convert those leads and definitely not providing ‘the most compelling reason why people buy from you”.

Remember Also How Search Engines Work

The more relevant, historic and up-to-date content on your site, the more search engines like Google feel comfortable recommending your site to searching uses. All the more reason to use a blog on your site to build up your web of informative content for your potential customers. Think about it, if you don’t use a blog-like tool to build your web of content on your company website, you are DOUBLY missing out on the opportunity to educate your searching customers: they won’t find you (SEO component) and when they do (copywriting component) you won’t be making them feel like you’ve answered their basic questions or objections to adequately show you can address their needs as a customer. (Ouch!)

In Summary: Why We Do What We Do at Tangible Words

Customers want to read you more than they want to talk with you in the early stages of the buying cycle – and 90% of your prospective customers go through the initial stages of the buying cycle by skim reading your website. Is your website content SEO COPYWRITTEN with your key messages logically laid out to welcome your users? If it’s not- what are you going to do in 2015 to make sure your competitors don’t leave you behind?

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“Tangible Words developed a Communications Plan and Content Strategy”

“Ever since I attended a Tangible Words workshop, I’ve been impressed—and relieved—to have found an organisation who really understands our needs; from offering workshop accessibility options to using a process that really allows Tangible Words to have a solid sense of who we are as a company.

Our biggest problem was trying to improve our website to increase sales. Tangible Words’ SEO consultations about our blog work was vital – we learned all the things we were missing out on and how to really turn the blog into a user-friendly sales tool. We had been doing a good job of creating content in house, but without Tangible Words’ help, we didn’t know how to leverage our internal content creation so that the site offered more than an article database for customers.

The new SEO website copywriting Tangible Words created for our site, and their liaison with our web developer, is also getting us the results we needed. Now people get the purpose and benefits of our products within the first 3 seconds they are on the site. As a result, not only are people finding our company website more readily, we’re getting more website inquiries, and best of all — we’re making 3 to 4 times more sales each week!

Our next steps? Tangible Words is now developing a long-term Communications Plan and Content Strategy for our company, and will provide monthly marketing support through a Content Partnership so we can continue to grow at this awesome rate.

Update: “Our Online Sales have increased 340% since Tangible Words helped us with our website copywriting!”

– Sally Bowen, Manager, Topsy Farms

The Growth of a Business Blog

Do you ever wonder how many business blog articles you have actually written? Do you remember when you first started?

There are times when you sit down to write a relevant, unique, interesting business blog article and find it hard to find inspiration on that day. Today is that day for me (Yes, even a website copywriter can feel that way!) with the sun shining and the lake sparkling, all I want to do is go dive in for a swim.

So I decided to get inspiration by look back at where we started and honestly couldn’t believe my eyes to see that we started our Tangible Words Business blog in 2009.

So the question is: Are the Business Blog articles still relevant today?

Well I have collected a few below and ask you, our audience and the people who matter the most – what do you think? In 2014, do you find these articles easy to read, helpful, and relevant to your business?

Help us with our next milestone – hitting 300 business blog articles – what topics do you want to see?

Google Has Changed Their Algorithm to Focus On The Quality of Content

It used to be that the most expensive part of doing your website was hiring a web developer. Using free software like WordPress has brought this cost down significantly, to put non-custom WordPress websites in the range of $2000-5000. You still need to pay hosting and domain purchase charges.

Once everyone had a website in business, we had a new problem – how to make sure that prospects find your website first? That’s when the SEO industry tried to rap at the door a few years ago and get everyone listed on free directories with links to your site – for around $1000-2000/month.

But Google didn’t  prefer this “free push” or views it as a bit of a cheat.

Google is really just a bunch of happy librarians – they just want every searching Google user to type in a question and find the book (webpage) they seek. So they started publishing changes like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird to deter “link exchanges” and to make sure that what was purported to be on a website really was on the website. It’s said that Google wasn’t just an algorithm anymore, but a huge labour force who individually rated websites and was employed to help with this quality control.

Google is now prioritizing the quality of content on your website above all other website tactics.

In Aug 2013, to further push their “don’t be evil” motto of trying to prevent black hat SEO methods, Google scrapped previous algorithms and released the most content-driven algorithm of all. The changes were magnanimous for the website industry, and positioned copywriting and content marketing strategy as the most important element of your website.
Website-Trifecta-300x214 Google Has Changed Their Algorithm to Focus On The Quality of Content
Because you can spend all kinds of money on a website to exist (developer charges), you can spend money on SEO, but when people come to your site, if they don’t want to pick up the phone and call you (Website Copywriting), you’ve wasted all of that money.
Because of these changes and how Google is now prioritizing the quality of content on your website above ALL other strategic website tactics you do – expect that content development will now be the biggest cost of doing your website. Make sure you budget appropriately.

What does this mean for your business?

It’s kind of what we’ve been saying for years. If you don’t have a Communications Plan and Content Strategy for your website (a process skilled website copywriters will lead you through) you’re wasting your money, trying to build a website by searching for a needle in a haystack, rather than looking at your target customer personas and creating content of them. Now your second audience is not just the personas you want to attract, but creating Google-friendly content – SEO copywriting to make sure that your copy is recommended to the end user, because you produce frequent, accurate content.
For a free white boarding session about how you and your team can start assessing your website, contact Tangible Words to set up a virtual meeting with your key sales and marketing team members.
Or order your $100 Website Content Audit to help you articulate to your team what’s wrong with your website, and how hiring the website developer to fix it might not be the best move to make first.

Canada’s Anti-Spam Laws (CASL) – Do you Need To Panic?

There has been a lot of talk about Canada’s Anti-Spam Laws (CASL) coming into affect on July 1st, 2014 – but the real question is: does your business need to do anything different?

Our copywriting company has received a lot of emails the past two weeks with this general sentiment: “Opt in now! If you do nothing, we’ll kick you off of our list.” Hmm…this might not be the best approach. These businesses may be following the ‘next bad idea’ and truncating their list when it may not be necessary. Here’s why…

Copywriting Best Practices for E-newsletter Content Strategy

Firstly, as long as your business has been working with an email service provider like Constant Contact or Aweber, and you’ve followed their recommended process to build your list (what Tangible Words has always recommended) then everyone on your list should have already given you explicit (e.g. filling in a form) or implied consent (e.g. verbal) to receive your e-newsletters. Make sure to keep your records of any forms that gave you explicit permission.

Secondly, Businesses have 3 years to get permission for any ‘implied‘ consent. Why not call up your list members – creating a great sales opportunity – and talk to them about whether your email content and services are a good fit? If you’ve been trained in Sales like our Copywriting team has, you know this phone call could lead to great sales conversations, now and in the future — and isn’t lead generation the whole point of your e-newsletter anyway?

Are you a Business who didn’t get permission to add people to your Business E-newsletter List?

It seems to me, that basically the new CASL laws exists so that from now on everyone will be forced to use a mail provider like Constant Contact, instead of using Outlook.

Or CASL might finally stop those ANNOYING “low skill networkers” who go to an event, palm a bunch of business cards who they then load onto their E-newsletter list without asking permission (Very Rude, and a great way to prevent any relationship from blooming). On a side note diatribe: this is perhaps the world’s greatest content Marketing #FAIL. If you don’t understand that content marketing is about nurturing relationships  (not destroying them for solipsistic self-promotion), you simply should not be forcing your “non-content-marketing” down the throats of every puking recipient. Get a content strategy that works, call up your list members and see if they’re into what you can offer THEM—WIIFM, right?

So Hooray for industry changes: CASL is a ruling for laggards. It’s kind of like the new Google algorithm which forces people to use copywriter best practices instead of blackhat SEO. All of Tangible Words’ clients were already compliant.
But the worst reaction, most panicky, ill-advised reaction to CASL is to send them a one-time email saying, “Click or I’ll drop you.” It’s a well-known fact about e-newsletters that not every recipient opens and reads each issue. So get permission, but don’t only give them one email they might not ever see!

Instead, why not rebuild and strengthen your list in a relationship-building manner

A personalized needs analysis phone call to each company is one awesome prospecting idea. If somehow you don’t have the phone bandwidth to speaking with everyone on your list (maybe consider hiring a sales desk team who can – ask Alysha for a referral to an awesome sales desk in Ottawa) than how about a sales-friendly reminder at the top of your next issue saying, 
“We think you’re on this list because we have a relationship and you’re interesting in learning more about [insert content strategy of e-newsletter]. But if we’re wrong, you can “unsubscribe” here at any time now, and in the future.”

Now that we’ve covered CASL’s purpose, in the next article we will discuss a 9-point CASL summary so you can get CASL compliant if you aren’t ready.

Website Written by a Website Copywriting Company – What’s the ROI?

If you consider yourself something of a writer, you know there’s a difference between “grammar” and “style.” The writing style that should be used in your company website content and business blog is radically different from any style of writing you will have practised before, unless you’re a professional trained copywriter  (which is rare, given the low number of copywriting courses available. Writing for your online audience requires an in-depth understanding of how people read and interact with content online.

You must be able to wield a style of writing that juggles:

  1. SEO-focussed content
  2. Non-academic writing techniques
  3. Copywriting knowledge of how people read
  4. Graphic Text for online skim readers
  5. Benefit-focussed content
  6. WIIFM-focussed language
  7. User-friendly and “sticky” layout of content 
  8. Target audience focussed content
  9. Considerable Sales and Marketing Knowledge

What’s the Return on Investment (ROI) for using a Website Copywriting Company to Write Your Company Messages?

Here’s proof that a qualified website copywriting company can get you the results you want. Tangible Words clients are always looking for their website to be a strategic communications tool, quite often to turn the website into the sales tool it should be.
Yesterday one of our clients, Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) forwarded us an email from a prospect who was entering the sales process through the QEDC site. The prospect was a member of the target audience, and we designed the site’s content architecture and navigation with their needs in mind before copywriting the website content to go with it.

After their experience on the website, the prospect was motivated to contact QEDC – one of the key goals of the site was to increase contact points. Furthermore, the prospect wrote in their email,  “Great website – easy to use”.

So not only did QEDC receive an inbound marketing request for sales contact, but they also created such a positive experience with their target audience through the website’s content architecture that they strengthened the relationship, communicated their values and made an excellent impression on their prospect.

Isn’t that how you want every sales experience to go?

You will too can get a Return on Investment (ROI) by hiring a good Content Marketing company who leads many website redevelopment projects each year and knows exactly which pitfalls  to avoid – like going to a web developer instead of a copywriting company first when you need to revamp your website.

What did we do for QEDC’s website?

Here is the Case Story on “Aligning Your Website Words With Your Company Strategic Communications Goals”. If you aren’t sure how your company can benefit from using a Content Marketing Company or Website Copywriting Team, give us a call (416-779-7407) or take a look at other Case Stories to see services we have provided.

What did QEDC have to say about the Copywriting Process completed by Tangible Words?

Checkout the testimonial from CEO, Chris King – “Tangible Words offered Professional short and long-term strategic communications and content marketing…”



“Tangible Words conceptualized how to foster trust with my audience.”

My website’s homepage copy has to drive traffic to my online store. I struggled to build trust with website visitors on my homepage, and give them all the information they needed to trust my product. Tangible Words conceptualised what points needed to be there to foster online trust with my audience and SEO copy wrote the content I needed better than I could do on my own, saving me time, patience, and a headache.”

-Alexis Reid, Founder, Eco Chic Movement

Website Copywriting and Content Strategy Case Story

Tangible Word’s served The Human Well’s clients and partners as a value-add to the service The Human Well provides. We fulfilled specific professional services needed: website copywriting and content strategy for NexXera and Natalie Richter Global (NRG).
THW-300x91 Website Copywriting and Content Strategy Case Story

Both of The Human Well’s Clients Needed New Website Content.

Particularly with NRG, Tangible Words was able to advise and follow our Quality-Assured Website Copywriting Process to ensure the content represented the company’s overarching goals. Tangible Words helped NRG package various levels of service, and design the information architecture of the website.
Not only do you get me to write down what I think but you also really believe in my company. You are not only writing the copy but you are also a coach. It is something that really makes the difference to me.” Natalie Richter, Content Partner with Tangible Words
Then, Tangible Words worked with NRG’s web development team to provide direction and feedback as to design and functionality, and assist with Content Management System (CMS) selection.

Are Your Content Marketing Goals for 2014 on Track?

It’s hard to believe that we are 10 weeks into 2014. Time sneaks up on most of us, but if you aren’t hitting marketing milestones your sales might not be where you’d like.

So How Do You Get Your Content Marketing Back on Track?

The new calendar year is a time when businesses look to redo their website (in development, design, and content). Getting the hub of all your marketing efforts done now will improve your sales capacity in the approaching new financial year by helping you feel more confident and appear more attractive in your offering.

To help you out, here are a few posts that could help you through this process.

  • Before You Start Your Website Design, Don’t Forget to…
  • I Want A New Website Design – Here’s Your Checklist
  • How do you Manage Strategic Communications Planning? Here’s a Case Story to Use As An Exemplar.
  • Five Reasons You Need a Content Strategy Before You Need a Website Developer.
  • How to Save Money When Redoing Your Website.

IMG_2236-225x300 Are Your Content Marketing Goals for 2014 on Track?

Are You Ready for Winter to be Over?

Use this indoor time to create your content for your business blog. But don’t forget to create an editorial calendar.

Comparing Google vs Apple Website Copywriting

Beware of Marketing Hype: Even the “greats like Apple” fall into this trap

Good website copywriting means really espousing the features and benefits of your product so that your consumers can make an educated decision (from their computers) about whether they should buy your product or not. But look at this massive #Fail by Apple.

A bit of background (iPhone vs. Nexus):

The iPhone enjoys a huge market share, but Google’s Nexus smartphone is bringing heat to the game. You probably know someone with an iPhone 5. Most of the people I know who have an iPhone 5 have had previous incantations of the same phone, or competitor smartphones (e.g. Blackberry, etc.) and were switched to iPhone 5 last year for work (i.e. not a personal choice). Other people in my network are very excited about the Nexus 5, and having held and played with their phones, I can see what attracts them.

I’m usually a big Apple proponent, but in the last 18 months, there have been a few things happening that decrease the quality of product in my experience and so my loyalty has become less entrenched. And then a few really nice features stand out on the iPhone’s chief competitor, like the  fact that the Nexus phone is so light in my hands, it doesn’t present the same ergonomic pains I have with reading on my iPhone. The Nexus also has a processor stronger than most laptops, I’m told, and you can notice this in the zero hang-time between heavy apps and videos opening, or trying to do multiple things at once ( a webpage to someone).

But the reason I’m telling you all of this is because my phone contract is coming up in a few months, so like most consumers, I went online to complete some research.

Apple’s website copy for the iPhone 5:

Have a look at the underlined phrases in this copy. None of the points help me decide whether I should buy Nexus 5 or iPhone 5 next. Apple’s copywriters are simply assuming we will buy on the belief that Apple is simply wonderful. But not only is that a bit cocky, it can really backfire.
iphone51-300x274 Comparing Google vs Apple Website Copywriting
Every time you write to your audience, you have a chance to reinforce why your product is the best. But they aren’t telling us anything with this marketing copy about what the product is, does or excels in.
This copy expects me to buy into the hype of the Apple brand.
That’s pretty risky in the tech industry where big competitors have the capacity to catch up to Apple. Lesson #1 is not to rely on brand history and customer loyalty in your online content marketing. The iPhone’s main page website copywriting takes customer loyalty for granted and doesn’t arm me with any reason to “stay loyal.”

But I still love many other Apple products, even if the iPhone 5 has been labelled a ‘lunch bag letdown’ by so many in my life. And on that point, the iPhone 5’s sales copy on this Apple page just seems very “un-Apple” – to the iPhone 5’s detriment.

Is this marketing copy purposely vague as if to cover up the flaws with the iPhone 5?

Macbook-Pro Comparing Google vs Apple Website Copywriting

Look at the bursting features and benefit confidence for the MacBook Pro – a product that is well reviewed and untouchable in its space for quality.

vs Google’s Nexus 5 Marketing Copy

Instead, look at how a company – who is looking to win more brand evangelists – uses their marketing copy opportunity to convert you (see the red underlines).
Nexus-5 Comparing Google vs Apple Website Copywriting
They don’t waste your precious reading energy with empty sentences. Instead, every sentences is jam-packed with features and the associated benefit so you know what you’re buying and what you’d be buying it for.

At the end of the day, when it comes to companies marketing competitive smartphones, Google has a massive win over Apple here. Your website copywriting matters, don’t rely on marketing hype to sell your product online – it’s a waste of eager customers’ time.