The Future of Marketing – And The Role Of The Inbound Marketing Agency

inbound marketing agency the future of marketing

If you’re skeptical about inbound marketing, and unsure where it came from, and don’t want to abandon traditional marketing in favour of “the latest thing,” here’s a little history to help connect the dots from marketing’s humble beginnings to the inbound strategies of today and the role of an inbound marketing  agency.

Marketing: Past to Present

future of marketingEven though the concept of selling a product has been around for thousands of years, the term “marketing” itself has only been around since the late 1800s and comes simply from the activities at a market. Ever since then, from the first mass-market advertisements, to the inbound marketing agency of today, the term has stuck.

Historians have found examples of advertisements in Ancient Rome and China, but it wasn’t until the industrial revolution that marketing started becoming the massive enterprise it is today. With a greater ease of transportation, and the ability to produce a large amount of identical products, much larger markets became accessible.

But if you were selling soup to someone on the other side of the continental United States, you could no longer rely on the reputation of the cook who made the soup. This is where advertising came in, to inform consumers who could not possibly have heard of a product through word-of-mouth, and modern marketing was born.

Marketing has changed a lot through the ages (just think of those copy-heavy spreads, with walls of text, from old magazines, versus the skippable YouTube ads of today), and with technology developing at an unstoppable rate, the next fifty years of marketing are bound to look just as different to our modern methods as those old Marlboro Men look to us.

What The Future of Marketing Could Look Like

In the 2002 film Minority Report, director Steven Spielberg envisioned a futuristic world where consumers could be identified by their eyes, allowing targeted advertising to play a custom ad to that person. 16 years later, the state of advertising is not far off, considering that online advertising already targets customers and predicts what you will want to buy, based off data like your search history, or pages you like on Facebook. Considering Minority Report was set in the year 2054, the film’s predictions could still easily come to pass.

On the other hand, recent scandals have brought the lifeline of this kind of advertising into question. Facebook is facing backlash for data taken from users without their consent. Is this the beginning of an entirely new turn in the road for marketing, or merely a blip in an otherwise linear path?

São Paulo: A Glimpse Into a World Without Ads

In 2007, the city of São Paulo approved a motion to remove all advertisements from city streets. It was estimated that over 15,000 billboards were removed. Critics worried that the lack of visual advertising in the city would damage the local economy, but over ten years later there has been no adverse effect to São Paulo’s economy, and residents have reported feeling happier, being freed from an onslaught of advertising.

Whether São Paulo’s example will be adopted by the rest of the world remains to be seen, but it is an example that the current state of marketing is ever-changing.

Will the state of capitalism stay the same, or will its increasing wealth disparities rip it apart? Will things like automation, robotics, A.I., AR/VR, and 3D printers make certain products and services obsolete? The rise of the internet has already changed marketing drastically. What will the next technological leap bring?

The Role of the Inbound Marketing Agency and Inbound Marketing Software

inbound marketing specialist the future of marketingWherever the fate of modern marketing rests, it will be helpful to have guides, like an inbound marketing specialist, along the way. And for the foreseeable future, inbound marketing is an incredibly effective method of getting a service’s value across to a consumer.

Inbound marketing is the incremental stage between marketing of old and future marketing techniques. If you don’t at least start with inbound marketing now, your organization will be more than two steps behind.

Inbound marketing software is part of a changing wave of marketing techniques. With the rise of convenience that the internet brings to most services, marketing had to match this convenience. Consumers don’t like to be interrupted by advertising that has no relevance to their lives.

What consumers like is having the opportunity to have products or services offered that will help them solve their problems, without being intrusive, instead by actually being helpful. An inbound marketing agency knows how to bring a company’s message to the consumer in the best possible way.

It’s hard to know what the future will bring, but for the time being inbound is the way to go.

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