A Brochure: Content Marketing Tool Case Story

A Brochure: Content Marketing Tool Case Story

Before: Topcat (Move Management Company) Had These Problems…

  • Frustrated with trying to group services together.
  • Had a hard time explaining services to clients so they understood how amazing the company was and why the services provided were so important.
  • Wanted a brochure that quickly told prospects what they did, what they offered in a don’t-want-to-forget way so they would hang on to the brochure until they were ready to make a purchase.

After: Topcat Now Has An Effective Content Marketing Brochure

Top-Cat-Brochure-300x224 A Brochure: Content Marketing Tool Case Story

  • Tangible Words helped Topcat take stock of the company’s best (and hidden) features.
  • Next, Tangible Words created a new way to group services together to make Topcat’s products more attractive and discernible to prospects.
  • Then, Tangible Words organized the content for optimal reader-flow in trifold presentation.
  • The brochure content was copy written and two drafting stages were completed with Topcat to make sure the copy met everyone’s expectations.
  • Tangible Words also provided feedback on the design of the brochure.
  • Topcat now has a great brochure to use as a “leave behind”. And Topcat feels confident taking their brochure to client meetings to discuss packages and to take to networking functions.

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