The Right Words Won't Send The Wrong Message To Your Customers

Here’s how one business really ticked off a potential customer…

I was recently in a Melbourne business that had a sign up. It said, “insert $1 for 50 credits.” Which to me meant that if I inserted a $2 coin, I would get 100 credits.
When it didn’t, and I lost my $2 in the mix-up, I brought this point up to the clerk. He was more than a little impatient that I didn’t understand.
“But the sign doesn’t say it only accepts $1 coins,” I said.

open up communication
The right words open up communication

If he lost customer service points from me on his ‘huffiness’, he lost even more for having an ambiguous sign up and refusing to correct it.
When you’re trying to talk to customers, it’s important to get the words right. Don’t let ambiguous signs, letters, or websites (or wrong messages) in your business be a reason for customers to bolt. If you need help, you can always ask for it.