Visual audience hooks: great business presentations without technology

It’s just as important to hook your visual audience with sound, as it is with visual cues.

1)   Use a prop. One presenter really made me think when they held up a simple combination lock. They used the lock as an analogy for the problem the audience was having. Even if my mind was elsewhere at the time, the visual reengaged my concentration. And the memory of the visual has stayed in my mind, and so has the presenter’s main messages.
2)   Use purposeful documents. Any handout you give your audience should be concise. Don’t read from your handout, or tell your audience to read your handout later (they won’t). Instead, give your audience space to make notes on the handout (or even doodle) as you’re talking about the ideas on the handout. (Did you know some learners remember things by the visual drawings they doodle?)
3)   Be kinetic. Move your body around the room. Don’t just stand at the front, move through the crowd. Head turning wakes people up!
4)   Have variety. If you have to speak for a long time, break it up. Speak for a few minutes than give the group time to talk to each other, or time to work on a thought-provoking structured task.
5)   Redirect the gaze. It’s tiring to look at one thing for a long time. Pointing out large signs like posters and maps (that people can see from the back of the room) are great diversions of your audience’s eyes from staring at one place.