Website Copywriting That Makes You Sick

Last week, Hubspot contacted me to tell me about their Partners Program. I thought that was kind of neat and looked at the video they sent.
I was delighted to hear Hubspot CEO Brain Halligan espouse a similar argument to what I’ve been making since I started ¬†Tangible Words Copywriting in Melbourne and Toronto. Just tell me if you agree with this:

“People are sick of being marketed to and we know how to block it out.”

Too right. In our website copywriting¬†workshops, I always tell participants to think of how they watch TV. No one stops to watch advertisments anymore (unless you don’t have a PVR, a ‘mute’ button, another channel, or the ability to get up and leave the room).
Your website — and all of your marketing– materials have to give people what they want. That’s how you improve the user experience and invite people into your business, instead of turning them away.
So here’s the ‘golden compass’ to better content writing & website copywriting (that won’t make you sick):
Write the content people want in order to trust you, so they can easily find you when they’re ready to purchase. That way, you’re empowering your audience to choose, which also fosters rapport.
And how do you write website content that builds trust and rapport?
Know your audience and speak to them regularly across the mediums they prefer:

  • Business blogs enable fast searching of questions your prospects type into search engines
  • Copywriting structures your website content in a logical sequence which answers audience’s obvious questions
  • Know how to maintain your business blogs, website content and e-newsletters/letters.