Website Redesign Project Plan – Online Marketing Problems Solved

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Carp Ridge EcoWellness Website Case StoryWebsite Redesign Project Plan

Getting out of a difficult website hosting situation was the first step for The Carp River EcoWellness Centre to take control of their online marketing. Tangible Words fixed it for them so they could be free to concentrate on a website and content they’re proud of and that’s best for their audience.

“Tangible Words proprietary content creation process and web design project plan gave us the tools and confidence we needed…” – Sandy Mark, CEO, Carp Ridge Ecowellness Centre

Online Marketing Problems Solved

  • Inbound Marketing Staff Training
  • Website Content Writing Services
  • Website Storyboarding
  • Complex ECommerce Website Development

Because it takes time to feel comfortable with new ideas Tangible Words worked to meet tight deadlines while giving staff time to adjust.
Now the process is simple.
ecowellnes path to online success