What is Great Writing? Copywriters are in the 'clarity business'

I read this the other day; it’s a terrific example of great writing, and epitomises Tangible Words’ copywriting outlook.

“We’re in the clarify business, simplifying people’s convoluted ideas and wrestling their wild, out-of-control text into something more civilised and comprehensible.” – from Content Rules by Ann Handley and CC Chapmen

Clients often come to me and want us to just make their content more polished–but Tangible Words Copywriters actually go deeper than simply putting the final polish on your business content.
Through a 3-stage briefing process, we wrestle the ideas and benefits from a client’s head, discovering ideas they may not even realize they had.
Essential ingredients in Tangible Words’ copywriting: your customers understand exactly why they need you, ¬†and they can find you more easily because of your website. Tangible Words’ copywriting process also helps clients articulate the value inherent in the service they provide their customers, so you can quickly, and easily, tell future customers all the reasons why customers love you.
Sounds good, eh?
It is. See what it’s all about for yourself: you can look at what other customers say, or ask a question.