What The iPhone 5 Really Needs…

Oh iPhone, you know I love you.  You’ve already seen me count the ways.  So you should know I’m an adoring fan. I mean, I’m the one who sits at home and polishes each of my Mac products.
But now I need a favour. I have iNeeds. (A constant stream, in fact.)

  1. It’d be really nice if I could “add invitees” for iCal within my iPhone, just like I can do on my Macbook Pro.
  2. And if you can’t add iPhone feature #1 to the iPhone 5 (although you’re very smart and I’m sure you could figure it out) would you at least allow me to “drag and drop” an appointment into an email on my iPhone?
  3. If you really want to thank me for my fidelity, you could allow my iPhone 5 GPS to work with my iCal event location. That way, when I’m on my way to an event, I can simply click “location” and organise my directions as I head out the door.

That’s it. Those are my iPhone 5 iNeeds. (But I’m willing to listen to yours…)