What's the difference: Paid SEO Ads vs. Organic SEO Content Writing

If your business relies on online enquiries, then understanding search engine optimization and the difference between organic and Paid will be important to you. Website copywriting clients in Toronto and Melbourne are always asking us about keywords, getting a better ‘Google ranking’, and what we specialize in is content.
Unique Content with Keywords embedded is key for Organic SEO rankings
With Google changing their algorithm again, confirming the importance of unique content, businesses are turning to trained copywriters to ensure good online content. Keywords need to be embedded within the copy.
Also online readers now have a much more skeptical mind on ‘advertising’ and what they are looking for are companies that they can trust. The best way of doing this is by building online rapport through your website, blog, social media, etc. This means content needs to be authentic, attractive, and be about the customer, not the business (WII.FM – What’s in it for me?).
Make sure you understand Google’s new rules for content writing. Be careful so you don’t get blacklisted!
So Why Use Paid SEO Ads like Google Adwords?
Organic rankings take a long time to build. It requires continuous unique content throughout the web. This includes regular blog articles written, commenting on other blogs, using social media effectively, the age of your current website, who is linking to your site, etc.
In order to compete with larger companies or those that started writing unique content years ago, the option is Paid SEO ads like Google Adwords. Our belief is a healthy mix of paid ads and organic content if you rely on online enquiries for your business.
However, don’t forget Adword campaigns (while important and really worthwhile if done well) are still advertising. Many readers who need something quickly may click on your advertising while other readers, who granted may not be as far along in the buying cycle, will wait and look at organic rankings only.
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